Community and Sponsorship

Community Sponsorship Program

Through sponsorship, eligible community groups and clubs can apply for funding to support their projects, activities and events, or seek assistance in purchasing vital equipment. It’s all part of a commitment to helping the community grow and become self-sustainable over time. We place a high importance on developing safe, healthy, and connected communities.

Before completing and submitting an application form, please be sure to read our Community Sponsorship Guidelines.

To enable approved sponsorship funding to be provided in a timely manner, please be sure to submit an application at least two months before your project/activity/event is scheduled.

Sponsorship supports community groups and clubs located in or around an estate. To attract funding, projects/activities/events should relate to one or more of the following:

  •  Environmental sustainability
  • Community based activities / events
  • Education / training opportunities
  • Youth development programs
  • Sport, recreation and healthy lifestyle
  • Community safety
  • The Arts

Please make sure you read our Community Sponsorship Guidelines to see if your sponsorship request meets our assessment criteria, and for the types of funding categories we offer. Please be aware that sponsorship programs exist for each individual estate.

To obtain an application form for the relevant estate, please get in touch with our Sponsorship officer below, or alternatively you can download an application form by clicking on > ‘Our Communities’ > selecting the relevant estate,  > and then clicking on ‘News and Community’ > and then ‘Sponsorship’.

Need more information or assistance?

Get in touch with our Sponsorship Officer:

Phone: 9368 9062


Post: PO Box 410 South Perth, WA, 6951


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