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2019-03-12 Property Tips

The future is bright at Allara, Eglinton

The northern suburbs are a hub of activity. New amenities are being constructed and families moving into the area to take advantage of the future delights that will soon be open on their doorstep.

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Live an environmentally stable lifestyle for less, at Allara Eglinton

Allara is one of the fastest growing communities on the northern coastal corridor. There is something for everyone at Allara Eglinton, from first home buyers to families to those looking to downsize their property. It’s

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2019-02-07 Community & Lifestyle

Augmented Reality arrives at Kinkuna Park, Allara

Allara is well known for being innovative in its design. The masterplanned community focuses on providing a happy place to live that meets the wants and needs of its residents through innovative, sustainable design and house and land packages.

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2019-01-14 Community & Lifestyle

Klub Kinkuna is arriving at Allara this January

Klub Kinkuna will be taking place on Thursday 17th January between 10am and 2pm. The annual event has been a big hit with Allara residents and the wider community with over 500 attendees each year.

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2018-12-03 Industry News

Landscaping Innovation takes place at Allara

Innovation is taking place at Allara, Eglinton with the introduction of a Landscaping Yard in December, 2018.

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2018-12-03 Community & Lifestyle

Team Work makes the Dream Work at Allara, Eglinton

Ocean glimpses are one of the reasons Allara Estate in Eglinton is so popular with residents and locals alike. Take a stroll to Luminous Park and the views really are magical, especially at sunset and sunrise where the WA lifestyle is truly captured with amber hues and bright blue waters.

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