Community Features

Allara Estate Eglinton has been master planned to grow into a vibrant, sustainable community of some 3,400 homes. The road layout will allow for housing lots that are positioned in the most effective way for solar and energy efficiency in every home.

Allara is a community for all who have chosen to live an active coastal lifestyle, close to nature and connected to all we might need.

At the Allara Estate in Eglinton, we can live cleverly in a vibrant, sustainable neighbourhood centred around a shopping centre, community services, retail and entertainment spaces as well as indoor and outdoor recreational facilities that incorporate large playing fields. Setting yourself apart doesn’t mean losing touch with the people and places you love. With public transport links on our doorsteps, we can stay connected with the people and places we love.

The thinking behind Allara has been based on four pillars to integrate all parts of life - Economic, Wellbeing, Connected, Environment.


Choose to live in a community cleverly designed so we can live affordably without missing out. With lots for sale in all shapes and sizes, to suit a range of budgets, being a part of Allara is a wise investment in one of life’s big pleasures so we have more pocket money for life’s little pleasures.


Allara was created so that we can feel good about the way we live: it’s good for our bodies, good for our minds and good for the world around us.


We can glide swiftly through life, brushing past experiences. Or we can all be connected: to one another, to nature, to our community. Let’s fully immerse ourselves in life, and become a part of something greater.


Let’s live sustainably and not wastefully. Let’s use natural energy and recycle whenever we can. Each choice we make each day contributes in some small way to everybody’s future. At Allara all of us can be proud of the way we live.