Development FAQs

How large is the project area?

The entire landholding owned by DevelopmentWA is 240 hectares and is large enough to support around 3,400 new homes. As the project development partner, Satterley has been engaged to develop a 120ha portion of Allara. This first part of the development will generate approximately 2,500 new homes.

When will development start and how long will it take to fully develop?

Work started onsite in October 2014 after receipt of local and state government approvals. First settlements took place in June 2015 the first residents moved in at the end of 2015. Allara is a long-term project. Land is released at Allara based on purchaser demand, as such there is no absolute timeframe for when Allara estate will be fully built out. Construction of the commercial areas, schools and indoor recreation centre are also dependent on external parties.

How many jobs will the project create and are these only during the construction phase?

It is expected 770 jobs will be generated through the Allara development. These will be in the commercial, retail and civic sectors emerging as a result of the development. A significantly higher number of people will be employed during the construction phases.