Development FAQs

Where is Allara?

Allara in Eglinton is bounded by Marmion Avenue, the future Mitchell Freeway extension and Pipidinny Road in the City of Wanneroo, 50 kilometres from Perth’s CBD. It is approximately 4.5kms north of Alkimos Beach, and adjacent to the future Eglinton District Centre.

How large is the project area?

Allara is a 240 hectare landholding at Eglinton located on the eastern side of Marmion Avenue and bordered by Regional open space/Bush Forever to the north. The project area will support approximately 3,400 dwellings DevelopmentWA (the land owner) and Satterley Property Group (project development partner) are initially to develop the northern 120ha portion of Allara.

What is planned for the area?

The 3400 dwelling estate will be developed over the next 10 years and will eventually accommodate more than 7500 people.The Allara project area will be integrated with the adjoining regional open space, is expected to 26.4ha public open space in a manner that provides a continuous and accessible link to the coast and will provide places of employment and activity. Allara is a vibrant and sustainable place that will feature a range of quality and affordable residential options to suit different lifestyles and budgets for the growing population within the City of Wanneroo The area from Burns Beach Road to Yanchep is Australia’s sixth fastest expanding area and the number one selling corridor in WA. The Alkimos – Eglinton district will ultimately be home to more than 55,000 people and is planned to include nine new primary schools, two high schools, a district activity centre and a marina. Butler Train Station situated in the Brighton district centre is 10 minutes south of Eglinton. Surrounding suburbs offer a diverse choice of public and private schools and the northern beaches with a thriving café and restaurant strip nearby. A high school and two primary schools are planned for this development as well as a neighbourhood centre that includes a shopping centre, community services, retail and entertainment spaces as well as indoor and outdoor recreational facilities that incorporate large playing fields. Satterley and DevelopmentWA are working with local authorities as well as significant in-house and external expertise to finalise the planning for the establishment of the new community with sustainable amenities for all.

Who is behind the Allara Development?

Allara is being created by two of Western Australia’s most trusted property developers: DevelopmentWA and Satterley. DevelopmentWA delivers land and infrastructure projects to help achieve economic and social prosperity throughout our state. Through partnerships with private sector developers like Satterley, DevelopmentWA develops communities of the future (such as Allara). Satterley has been creating residential communities for more than 30 years, so they are the experts in creating attractive, affordable and self-sustaining 21st Century communities. This 240 hectare landholding at Eglinton was offered as a partnering development opportunity with DevelopmentWA to satisfy the Government’s objective in providing an adequate supply of land in the metropolitan area. In March 2011, Lands Minister Brendon Grylls announced an Expression of Interest process (EOI) for a prospective project partner to develop and facilitate the sale of 120 hectares of the northern portion of the Eglinton landholding, in Perth’s northern suburbs. The EOI drew a strong response from the development sector. Following the thorough evaluation process, Satterley Property Group was selected as the project partner for the development opportunity at Eglinton. In December 2011, a partnership between DevelopmentWA and Satterley Property Group was formed to finalise the master planning of 240ha of land in the suburb of Eglinton and delivery of the initial 120ha. Satterley are appointed as project manager and selling agent for the development (120ha) in order to deliver in the core areas of affordability, urban design and environmental leadership. Satterley Property Group has been building award winning residential communities for more than three decades.

What involvement has The City of Wanneroo had with the project?

The City of Wanneroo has been involved in the project since its inception including the development of the local structure plan, detailed area plans and detailed design elements. These plans take into account a number of present and future demands of the site including but not limited to; •Environmental Impact •Community facilities •Bushfire Management •Geotechnical conditions •Water Management •Infrastructure Requirements •Landscaping •Transport •Economic •Heritage •Community Development •Acoustics •Sustainability

When will development start and how long will it take to fully develop?

Work started onsite in October 2014 after receipt of local and state government approvals. First settlements took place in June 2015 the first residents moved in at the end of 2015. Allara is a long-term project and will be developed over a 10 to15 year period.

What community facilities will be provided at Allara?

A (pilot) bus service will run in the project that will connect the residents with nearby amenities. The bus service will be driven by resident demand stopping at places such as schools, shops, the Butler Train Station and the beach. A comprehensive cycle network has been constructed throughout the project to ensure you're always connected to friends, shops, and parks. We encourage the community to get out and be active on the safe cycle paths. Allara features an extensive range of planned community facilities and services. These include: Landscaped parklands, pristine bushland, conservation areas, playing fields and educational play, and designed to be within 400 metres of homes. •A community indoor recreation centre •A neighbourhood centre that includes a shopping centre, community services, retail and entertainment spaces •Large playing fields as well as indoor and outdoor recreation facilities including multi use hard courts.

Will there be any shops in the new development?

The development plans allow for 2,250sqm of retail space within the neighbourhood centre to service your day to day needs. Adjoining the project is the future Eglinton town centre which will have 50,000sqm of retail space The project will also be serviced by the future Alkimos Activity Centre which will have 65,000sqm of retail space.

Will there be cafes, restaurants and bars at Allara?

Allara aims to establish an early community facility and café in the heart of the project. This facility will service the needs of the residents until the shopping centre is completed.

What types of housing will be provided?

Allara offers a diverse range of housing options and one of the largest range of lot types including easy maintenance lots, traditional and large traditional lots, which will cater for first home buyers, singles, professionals, downsizers and families looking for room to grow.

Will there be any affordable housing options at Allara?

Allara will provide affordable coasting living with housing options for people on a range of incomes.

Will the local community have a say in what is being planned for Allara?

DevelopmentWA and Satterley Property Group engage in regular research to inform the project on planning initiatives. In particular, a focus group was held with qualified respondents to determine outcomes such as, understanding what prospective buyers are seeking, gain feedback on the proposed direction and vision of the project and explore the importance of environmental sustainability and proposed incentives.

Will there be a public transport service to and from the area?

Yes. A pilot bus service will be established to link Butler Train Station to Allara. Transperth will implement 11 new buses to provide feeder services in and out of Butler and Clarkson stations. The entire development will also be connected through extensive boardwalks, and bicycle and pedestrian pathways making it a pedestrian-friendly community.

How many jobs will the project create and are these only during the construction phase?

It is expected 770 jobs will be generated through the Allara development. These will be in the commercial, retail and civic sectors emerging as a result of the development. A significantly higher number of people will be employed during the construction phases.