Where we live defines how we live. How we live defines who we are.

Allara Estate Eglinton is being created by two of Western Australia’s most trusted property developers: DevelopmentWA and Satterley.

DevelopmentWA is the Western Australian Government's land and development agency. We work to realise the potential of land and infrastructure developments for all Western Australians. Across the State we develop land for living and land for working to create places to build our social and economic prosperity. Through partnerships with private sector developers like Satterley, DevelopmentWA develops communities of the future (such as Allara).

Satterley Property Group has been creating residential communities for more than 30 years, so we know how to create attractive, affordable and self-sustaining 21st Century communities. We’ve taken the time to discover how we can do things even better.

Allara is a master planned community inspired by a vision of how life should be. It’s based on four pillars, chosen to help us integrate all parts of life:  Economic, Wellbeing, Connected, Environment.

Find out more about DevelopmentWA here.