Where we live defines how we live. How we live defines who we are.

Allara Estate Eglinton is being created by two of Western Australia’s most trusted property developers: DevelopmentWA and Satterley.

DevelopmentWA is the State Government development corporation established to shape Western Australia’s future.

Through forward-thinking design and development we are creating innovative, sustainable communities that support economic and employment growth. The amalgamation of LandCorp and the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority has established a comprehensive portfolio which ensures Western Australia is firmly positioned to deliver great places for people to live, work, visit and do business.

Our combined history has given us deep insights into how Western Australians live, work and unwind. It’s this understanding that guides our innovative thinking and drives us to challenge what commercial and residential developments should be.

To this end, our Innovation Through Demonstration projects champion sustainable land the infrastructure development practices, as well as cutting-edge technologies. These projects have seen us lead the way in meeting the challenges placed on our State’s natural resources. We are proud to push the boundaries as we help build a more sustainable tomorrow for everyone.

Satterley Property Group has been creating residential communities for more than 30 years, so we know how to create attractive, affordable and self-sustaining 21st Century communities. We’ve taken the time to discover how we can do things even better.

Allara is a master planned community inspired by a vision of how life should be. It’s based on four pillars, chosen to help us integrate all parts of life:  Economic, Wellbeing, Connected, Environment.

Find out more about DevelopmentWA here.