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Townhomes for Sale in Officer

Townhomes For Sale in Arcadia

Begin your new life in Officer, Victoria and build a gorgeous home with every modern amenity you could possibly need at Arcadia. Blending tight-knit community charm, contemporary living, and suburban surroundings, Arcadia offers luxury townhouses that cater to the preferences and needs of young families, professionals, and anyone searching for a lifestyle filled with convenience and nature’s beauty. 

Tailor Your Townhouse to Your Preferences

Designed with attention to detail and appealing layouts, owning an Arcadia townhouse means you can enjoy pleasing aesthetics and functionality. With layouts including spacious bedrooms and bathrooms, integrated living areas and more.

Modern Amenities On Your Doorstep

Embrace a lifestyle filled with friendly neighbourhood charm, lush parklands, playgrounds and more. Every modern amenity you need access to is on your doorstep or available through public transportation within walking distance of your new home. Positioned near vibrant suburbs such as Pakenham, Clyde and bustling Berwick, Arcadia allows residents to enjoy a range of shopping, dining and entertainment options. Arcadia’s strategic layout ensures all of the community’s dwellings have easy access to schools, shopping centres, main roads, and more, making everyday convenient. 

A Connected and Welcoming Community

Living in Arcadia goes beyond simply owning property–it’s about being part of a thriving community. Designed to foster and encourage new connections while creating a sense of belonging, residents are sure to build life-long relationships with their new neighbours. Communal spaces and public events planned within Arcadia will make every resident feel at home. 

Explore the range of townhouses in Arcadia and find your perfect home in a community that offers both the tranquillity of suburbia and the conveniences of city life. Whether it’s the unique design of each townhouse or the strategic location matched with public transportation accessibility, Arcadia provides an exceptional living experience within Melbourne.


Townhouses are often multi-level dwellings that share one or more walls with an adjacent property. Each will have its own separate entrance from the street. Typically, these properties are structured vertically and offer a desirable blend of community, privacy and spaciousness. Each townhouse is part of a row and stands on its own lot, giving homeowners ownership of the building and the land on which it sits. Townhouses offer a unique balance between the communal style of apartments, the privacy of owning a home and access to modern conveniences. 

In most townhouses, you will share at least one common wall, or two maximum, with a neighbour. This feature is typical of the attached architectural style of these homes–arranged in a row, each will share walls on either side except for the units at the ends of the row. However, unlike apartments or condos, each townhouse is a vertically independent unit. 

Blending the spacious design of a typical house with the convenience and community of apartment or unit living, Arcadia townhouses offer the best of both worlds. Unlike detached houses, townhouses may share a single wall or two walls with adjacent properties but generally contain more space and privacy than a standard apartment. Likewise, they come with community amenities without the higher maintenance usually associated with standalone houses.