Parks and Playgrounds at Arcadia

Life in Arcadia represents the perfect blend of urban living with an abundance of open spaces and fresh air.

With 25 hectares of dedicated open space, including four parks and parklands, your backyard at Arcadia will be much bigger than you ever imagined.

Satterley is currently building a $1-million-dollar park that will feature play equipment, BBQ’s, free Wi-Fi, family seating areas, trees and wide open spaces. Ideal for those relaxing weekends with family and friends.

Mother nature is never far away at Arcadia, whether you’re spotting wildlife while taking a stroll along the tranquil Gum Scrub Creek, running around the two sports grounds or exploring the huge network of cycling and walking paths.

Arcadia offers the perfect blend of natural surroundings with all the convenience of urban living, so when it comes to your spare time the choice is yours: relaxation or invigoration.