Choosing A House Plan

We know that the process of choosing the right home can be daunting if you haven’t built before. Here are our top tips:

  • Maximise the natural attributes of your block and consider its orientation when finding a house plan to suit your home site.
  • Get the house plan you desire drawn up on your home site first to see how it fits on your block so you can consider how much room you will have left for an alfresco area or backyard.
  • Know your budget and have a realistic idea of what you can spend on your house. Overall, this will determine what sort of house plan you
  • Understand all the costs involved. Does this particular house plan include extras such as painting, flooring and blinds?
  • Think about your lifestyle and the size of your family. This will determine the number of bedrooms you have or if an office, activity area or games room is needed.
  • Consider how much privacy you would like in your home, as well as the placement of windows and how they will relate to your outdoor surroundings.