Century Settlements is Western Australia’s leading property settlement firm.


With a track record of over 25 years in the industry and in excess of 32,000 property settlements, our team brings an unmatched level of experience and knowledge into settlements processes that provides our clients with the security and confidence needed.

Vacant land
Residential properties
Commercial properties
Related party transfers
Transfer of properties involving trusts
Farming properties
Transfer of properties pursuant to court orders, wills and survivorship
Subdivisional and amalgamations
Strata titled properties

We take the time to step through the process in full transparency and in non-financial language to make the process as seamless as possible for our clients. As our client, we always act on your behalf and in your best interest. Our ultimate aim is to take the stress and uncertainties out of the process and get the best results for you.

Leveraging our depth of experience in the industry, we believe in providing a high level of personal service, keeping you informed throughout the process.

Choosing an agent

Choose Your Settlement Agent preferably before you enter into an Offer and Acceptance contract – call on their experience on what to include in your contract and what costs are involved.

Accepting your offer

Your accepted Offer and Acceptance contract is sent to your nominated Settlement Agent by your land developer or real state agent. It will then be assessed and lodged with the Office of State Revenue for duty assessment. Any anomalies will be brought to your attention.

Discuss conditions

Your settlement agent will contact you to formalise your appointment and discuss the timing of your conditions and the process.

Contract negotiations

Your settlement agent will follow up all conditions on the contract to ensure they have been satisfied and keep you informed. When all the conditions have been satisfied, the main documents, including statement of fees and charges, can be prepared for signing to have the property transferred.


Title Searches / Change of Ownership notification to the Rating Authorities / Orders and Requisitions / Sewer Plans,  etc. are completed on your behalf and provided to you so that you are fully informed of what encumbers and affects your property.

Rates and taxes

Rates and Taxes and any outgoings are proportioned between the seller and the buyer. The buyer is responsible for the Rates & Taxes until 30 June following settlement.

Prepare for settlement

Your settlement agent will coordinate with all parties involved, including your lender, and arrange a suitable time for settlement to occur on the date stipulated in your Offer and Acceptance contract.

Attend settlement

Your Settlement Agent will attend on your behalf. All documents go through a final check once in order, monies and Certificates of Title are exchanged and settlement is completed.

Finalise settlement

Congratulations, you’ve completed settlement and final letters and amended statements are sent out. Real Estate, etc. are also advised.

Ownership transfer

6 weeks after settlement, your settlement agent will ensure that Landgate has transferred the ownership.



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