Before construction on your home can commence, your builder will need to make preliminary arrangements before works on your home can get underway. Once all the final preparations are in place such as; building approvals, subcontractors are booked and materials are ordered, then you will start to see work on the initial stages of your home construction begin.

Site preparation

This involves clearing of the site and pegging out of the site by the surveyor. Sometimes retaining walls will also be built at this stage if required.

Slab down

The plumber will need to lay plumbing that will be located beneath the slab of the development. This needs to be done before the slab can be formed up. The slab piering is then completed as per the engineer’s specifications and plans and then the slab can be poured.


The roof is on and now you can feel the development making good progress when you see the exterior of the home almost complete.

Lock Up

All external doors and windows, including garage doors are on and locked up.

Fit Out

The fit out of the home is now underway. Everything from kitchen benchtops, fixed appliances, cupboards, vanities, tapware, mirrors etc.

PC Practical Completion

This is the point when an inspection is conducted when the builder is almost finished. By this time it should only be touch ups and minor items requiring installation.

Move in

The construction of your home is completed and after paying the builder’s final invoice, the keys will be handed over to you, ready for you to move in.

  • Communication between you and your builder is the key to a successful building project. Make sure you keep in regular contact with your site supervisor during construction to check the progress and discuss any queries you may have.

  • Ensure all of your progress payments are up to date to avoid any delays with your build. 

  • Each time you have the chance to take a walk through of the home with your site supervisor, take lots of photos so you can document the process of your home. 

  • Once the home is nearing completion, you may want bring in a qualified home inspector to test the various workings of your home such as; the structure of your home, plumbing fixtures, checking outlets etc