Invite family & friends to join our community

There are so many great parts to our land for sale in Cassia, but the best part is the people who make up this fantastic community!

Why not invite your friends and family to join our growing community?!

Refer below for full Terms and Conditions. Or find out more from our friendly Estate Manager today!

Referral Fee Incentive Terms and Conditions

Defined terms:

  • “Referrer” – the person who provides their family and/or friend’s contact details to Satterley Property Group Pty Ltd (Satterley) / Cassia.
  • “Referred Family Member and/or Friend” – the person referred to Satterley / Cassia by the Referrer. If the Referred Family Member and/or Friend enters into a Contract for Sale to purchase a block of land at Cassia, then, subject to the Terms and Conditions, the Referrer will receive instant prizes and a $500 Visa Card.


The Seller offers to provide one $500 Visa Card per lot subject to the Referrer satisfying and complying with the Eligibility Criteria, Redemption Criteria and General Provisions as outlined below.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the referral incentive, and thus be eligible for instant prizes and $500 Visa Card, the Referrer must:

  • at the time of submitting a referral form, acknowledge that they have permission to share their family member/friend's contact details. Without such permission, the form cannot be processed and participation becomes void.
  • refer a family or friend within the estate stated on the form. If the Referred Family Member and/or Friend purchases in an alternative Satterley estate, the $500 Visa Card will not be payable (regardless of whether the alternative estate is also offering a referral incentive).
  • have formally nominated a friend and/or family member using the referral form before the family member or friend puts an offer on a block of land. No retrospective referrals will be permitted.
  • not be employed by or affiliated with a building company.

Redemption Criteria:

  • Visa Cards will be issued/provided to the Referrer within 30 days of the Referred Family Members and/or Friend settling on a block of land in Cassia Estate.
  • There is no defined time period from initial referral in which settlement must occur for the Visa Card to be payable to the Referrer.
  • Entitlement to receive the Visa Card is not transferable.
  • The value on the Visa Card will be for AU$500 only.
  • Visa Card standard terms, conditions and exclusions apply. See reverse of card for details.
  • Visa Cards cannot be replaced. A Visa Card may become void and may not be redeemed if it is defaced, stolen, damaged, altered or tampered with in any way. Satterley / Cassia will not be liable for any Visa Card which is defaced, altered, damaged, lost or stolen.

General Provisions:

  • The Referred Family Member and/or Friend must complete and settle their Contract for Sale in respect of the property being purchased in accordance with its terms.
  • There is no limit on the number of referrals a single person can make. In the case where two separately Referred Family Member and/or Friends make a joint purchase, only one $500 Visa Card will be payable to the Referrer and will be based on the referral form that was received first (as determined by the Satterley CRM database entry date).
  • Satterley / Cassia reserves the right to review, change or discontinue the Referral Fee incentive at any time.