Events & Attractions in Clarkson & Mindarie

COVID-19 has meant that we’ve had to hold off on all the fun of our large community events, but we want to make sure the community at Catalina is still full of activity.

Over the next few months, watch this page, be following the Catalina Community Facebook page and regularly check your emails and letterbox for all the different ways and ideas of having fun whether it’s on your driveway, in your front garden or inside your own home.

We’re calling it 🌏⭐ VIRTUALLY TOGETHER 🌏⭐  and we want you to be part of it!

Catalina #ForNature Challenge

Our final Virtually Together activity is here! In celebration of World Environment Day happening across the globe on Friday 5 June, Catalina is encouraging everyone to get outdoors and in touch with nature over this coming weekend! To help with this, we have created a CATALINA #FORNATURE CHALLENGE! To hear how you can get involved follow the link below to our Facebook event page.

Stay connected!

We want to stay in touch and help keep all our communities connected during this time. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to we can maintain a sense of togetherness in your estate while social distancing, our Community Team would love to hear from you at