Parks & Playgrounds

Around 20 percent of Catalina estate has been set aside as public open space.

This includes landscaped parks and picnic areas, playing fields and protected habitat for local birds, plants and animals.

Catalina will also contain a future ‘green-link’ of more than four hectares that will join the three precincts within the estate with cycle paths, walkways and landscaped parks, including the beautiful Neerabup National Park.

The estate will also contain an attractive pedestrian-friendly and cycling connection between the railway station and the beach.

The now very popular Catalina Beach Park in Mindarie opened in May 2018 and immediately attracted big crowds of Catalina Estate residents and established itself as one of the best parks in the broader Mindarie community. Your kids will love the slides, ground level (flushed) trampolines, a climbing wall, a tunnel, big sandpit, while you can relax in the sun lounges. So, when you decide to buy land in Catalina and build your family home here, it is really the best place for a family to be.