Clementine | The Location

For a fruit tree to thrive, it needs a few things: sunlight, quality soil and a little love. Turns out, we’re not so different. Nestled between Ellenbrook creek and the foot of the Darling Ranges, just 30 minutes from Perth CBD with the Swan Valley right on your doorstep, Clementine has a history of fruitful living. Once a vineyard, today the estate is blooming with wide streets, lush greenery, and when the season is right – the odd Chardonnay, in the glass not on the vine, of course.

Surrounded by views of sweeping hills, and sprawling grapevines, Clementine Estate is a unique beauty in the fruitful corner of Perth.

Located in the heart of the City of Swan, 10 minutes away from Ellenbrook Shopping Centre, 30 minutes from Perth CBD with the iconic Swan Valley at your doorstep. Clementine offers you the tranquillity of country life, without sacrificing modern conveniences.