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Where is the site?

Officially described as Local Structure Plan No 3, the site consists of ex-farmland and vines. Clementine will form part of the suburb of Upper Swan, 35 mins northeast of Perth, off Great Northern Highway. The Ellen Brook runs along the western boundary of the site and is bound by Railway Parade and Orange Avenue to the east and Rose Street to the south.

How big is the development?

The community at Clementine will consist of approximately 1,650 homesites and will cover an area of approximately 132ha. Nearly 22ha are dedicated to public open spaces for recreation and leisure, including local parks, playing fields and an expansive foreshore reserve along the beautiful Ellen Brook. The development also includes provisions for a local shopping centre and a public primary school site.

When will the project be completed?

The development of Clementine estate began in mid 2020 and will take in excess of 10 years to reach its full volume of 1,650 lots. This is an estimate only, based on projected construction timelines, approvals and sales rates and is subject to change.

Will there be a school?

A site for a proposed public primary school and playing fields was included in the approved Local Structure Plan. The decision to construct the school, and timing of this, sits with the Department of Education. There is currently no timeline for construction of the proposed school.

Will any local roads be upgraded?

Yes, Satterley will be contributing to road upgrades. These will include a roundabout to the intersection of Apple Street & Great Northern Highway and a level rail crossing with boom gates at the intersection of Apple Street and Railway Parade. The City of Swan has already upgraded several local roads in the area ahead of the development commencing. These include Apple Street and 2 sections of Railway Parade. Satterley will be contributing towards the cost of these upgrades.

Is there any provision for mixed retail or commercial use?

Yes, the approved Local Structure Plan includes a provision for 5,000m2- 6,000m2 of retail space. This is enough area to house a large supermarket such as Coles or Woolworths.

What is the staging for development?

The first stage is south of Apple Street, with access off Orange Avenue. This first stage includes 66 sites, ranging from 168m2- 900m2. Larger lots with wide frontages (up to 900m2) will be located along the length of Orange Avenue and Rose Street. The smaller terrace lots (168m2) will overlook a multi-purpose community space including an open-air pavilion, community green, and the Clementine land sales office. Stage 1 also includes a large foreshore park with kickabout area, playground and access to the picturesque Ellen Brook, which is now open to the public.

What are the anticipated block sizes?

Clementine is being designed to have a range of lot sizes to suit all household types and lifestyles. There will be Terrace lots for smaller families or those looking for a more compact home, as well as large lots up to 900m2 for those who want a bit more space to enjoy the Swan Valley lifestyle.

How was the local community involved?

During the advertising period for the Local Structure Plan, the local community raised matters that they would like considered. Satterley met with community representatives and made a number of changes to the LSP to address these matters. Over the past few years since the LSP was approved, residents have been in touch with Satterley regarding other local issues, independent of the future development. This open dialogue will continue with our neighbours in Upper Swan throughout the lifespan of the development.

Will the environment be impacted?

The development area has minimal remnant vegetation due to past agricultural activities undertaken across the site, however any existing mature trees will be retained wherever possible. A Bush Forever site joins the northern and western boundaries of the development area, however does not extend into it. The Ellen Brook Foreshore Reserve also contains remnant vegetation that will be retained and enhanced as the Foreshore Reserve is progressively developed throughout the life of the project.

Are there bushfire management plans in place?

A Bushfire Management Plan has been prepared in accordance with regulations and includes all the measures necessary to prevent or mitigate bushfire risk.

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