The Story | Clementine

This is the story of a neighbourhood designed to savour the little pleasures of life.

A neighbourhood in the picturesque Upper Swan valley, between the impressive Darling Ranges and the serene banks of the Ellenbrook creek.

A former vineyard with a zest that transcends the surrounding fruit trees.

This is a place where life is sweet, and the people sweeter. People not connected by demographics, but the way they live a life that’s truly their own, fiercely independent and eternally optimistic.

When others ‘zig’, you’ll know they’ll ‘zag’.

Together, we will build a neighbourhood with warmth and character, where people are free to tell their own stories in their own way. To shrug off expectations of what life should look like, and just focus on living. Because we know a story can be found in every moment of every day. And we know these moments should be savoured.

This is the story of a place for a life lived fruitfully.

A life handmade with love.

The Clementine Story