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2021-09-18 Community & Lifestyle

Wineries near Dalyellup

Living in Dalyellup Beach means your close to everything you need. A range of schools, beautiful beaches, walking trails, shops and cafes and, arguably best of all, some of the best wineries in Western Australia.

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2020-08-01 Community & Lifestyle

Local Bike Shops Near Dalyellup

Dalyellup Beach and the surrounding area is home to many cyclists who choose to live in an areas rich with cycling trails and adventure. No matter what your cycling ability, there area a range of paths to suit all abilities, as well we a range os businesses who have all the equipment to get you started on your cycling journey.

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2020-08-01 Community & Lifestyle

Coastal meets country at Dalyellup Beach

We share our tips for you to achieve country coastal charm in your home, without breaking the bank.

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2020-06-08 Community & Lifestyle

VIRTUALLY TOGETHER - An Exciting Program Wrap Up

Satterley’s ‘Virtually Together’ program launched in March 2020 to keep residents connected within their communities during the challenging COVID-19 times. Over 9 activtiies took place with 1 still to go!

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2020-06-01 Community & Lifestyle

Community Groups at Dalyellup Beach

Dalyellup Beach is an active and thriving community filled with individuals and groups who invest their time in making our neighbourhood a wonderful place to be.

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2020-05-01 Community & Lifestyle

Dalyellup Beach supporting South West arts sector during COVID-19

Dalyellup Beach estate is excited to support the 2020 South West Virtual Arts Spectacular, commencing this month. Devised and run by not-for-profit community organisation, the Dalyellup Collective, this innovative online arts program is designed to support the local creative sector during COVID-19 by facilitating paid online workshop opportunities for artists and hosting a virtual art exhibition and competition.

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2020-04-29 Community & Lifestyle

VIRTUALLY TOGETHER - Keeping Satterley communities connected during COVID-19

Feeling connected to your community is especially challenging in current times. Satterley’s in-house Community Development team were devastated to have had to cancel so many community programs and events we know residents love and that bring our community together!

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2020-04-03 Community & Lifestyle

Things to do on a rainy day in Dalyellup

We’ve detailed our top 6 favourite destinations and things to do for rainy days at Dalyellup, all within a short drive of your new home at Dalyellup Beach.

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2020-02-20 Community & Lifestyle

Parks and Playgrounds at Dalyellup Beach

Dalyellup Lakes Playground, Sherwood Park, Naroona Park and Beach Park are just a few of our favourite parks and playgrounds near Dalyellup Beach estate.

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2020-02-18 Community & Lifestyle

Exciting Developments at Dalyellup Surf Life Saving Club

Dalyellup Surf Live Saving Club has a number of new events planned for 2020 and the grand opening of new facilities. Stay up to date with the latest news!

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