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How long is the construction phase?

Earthworks, sewer & water reticulation, stormwater drainage, fencing & retaining works, roadworks, streetlighting, underground power and communications will all be done in the first phase of development. This will take 24 weeks from the time we get the go-ahead and is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2019 to early 2020.

Will there be access to the area being developed?

No, not during the civil works phase. However, once roads are completed, you will be able to enter to have a look around the development.

When will the main neighbourhood park be ready?

The timing for the main park on the eastern side of the precinct is not yet determined, however once completed it will be available for use by the general public. There will also be pedestrian friendly green active walkways and linear parks to connect through to the existing Carawatha Park.

Is there any provision for mixed retail or commercial use?

No. Except for new public park spaces, the precinct is purely residential.

What sort of public art will be installed and where will it be located?

We are yet to go out to tender for public art, but we are working with the City of Melville's Art Program to find some beautiful pieces to integrate into the parks and streets of the development.

What is smart community technology?

A smart community integrates communications technology and data infrastructure into the public realm. Some examples might be free Wi-Fi in parks and phone/laptop recharging stations.

Will there be any changes to Carawatha Park?

No, the residential development area is separate. During the construction period park users will see the precinct take shape from the safety of a dividing fence.

What fences will be used and how long will they be up?

Fencing and wind break banner mesh will be installed prior to the commencement of any civil works. These will be used in conjunction with water carts to help reduce the amount of dust and to protect adjacent land uses whilst civil works are in progress. There will also be perimeter fencing during the construction of residences.

Will there be any public housing?

Satterley is not developing this area in partnership with the Department of Communities so there is no allocation. However, this doesn’t stop the Department from purchasing land just the same as any other purchaser and in any other location.

How will the noise of the construction site be managed?

The noise management plan is yet to be approved by the City of Melville, but will specify that all machinery sound levels be below 85dB in accordance with Australian Standard 2436-1981. This is the same sound level as would be generated by a diesel truck driving along North Lake Road. This same Australian Standard also requires noise monitoring be undertaken and recorded. All construction work will be carried out between the hours 7am to 5pm Monday to Friday. The working day will be shortened to 3pm on Saturdays and there will be no works on Sundays or on public holidays.

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