Welcome to Heron Park

We knew that one day you will make the smarter choice and end up here. There are so many decisions to be made every day.

This one is your biggest and smartest yet. 

Be inspired by what Heron Park offers you. Yes, you. Smart and successful, focused on tomorrow, in search of the perfect place for your family home. 

Here, you can fly through the Heron Park community, take the virtual tour and discover how peoples' lives changed for the better since they moved to Heron Park in Harrisdale. (And we couldn't resist adding that cute video of the kids from the community talking about how smart their parents are.)

Take your time.  

Fly Through Heron Park and Be Inspired

Take a fly through and view all Heron Park has to offer, including Harrisdale Primary and High Schools, sports ground, parks, playgrounds and shopping centre

Home to Harrisdale Primary and High Schools

Strong education precinct is only one of the many reasons people chose Heron Park to build their family nest and live a happier lifestyle.

Brand new state-of-the-art Harrisdale Primary School and Harrisdale High School are both located within Heron Park’s stunning education and sports precinct.

Worth $76.2M. Free for the kids to grow. 

Over 80% of Heron Park residents chose to educate their kids in Harrisdale Primary or Harrisdale High School. And they are all pretty smart.

Heron Park - How Smart Are Your Parents?

“ Heron Park stood out because of its great design and landscaping. It looked like somewhere we could happily raise a family.”

Terry and Sharon Thatcher.

Heron Park - Since We Moved to Heron Park

Our residents told us about the positive changes in their lives since they bought house and land in Heron Park, Harrisdale WA and moved in. "Happier", "healthier", "more active" and "more family time" is what we heard back.

Whether it's taking your dog for a walk, having a picnic, a birthday or a casual jog - Heron Park's got you covered with 11 parks* within the estate and the tranquil parks and reserves next door. A perfect start or a perfect end to a busy day. 

Parks are the heart of our community - this is where you'll make new friends and enjoy free community events, such as movie nights and Harmony Day Festival, the most popular free community event in the area. 

Take the Virtual Tour of Heron Park, Harrisdale

Look for a helicopter icon to navigate between the aerial shots, then click on the points of interest to discover amenities in and around Heron Park estate. 

View land for sale in Harrisdale, display village, schools, shops and more

Open Interactive Tour

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