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We've been planning the new Youth Park at Heron Park for a little while now and wanted to say a big THANK YOU for helping us with the design! Thanks to the input of the community, we believe that we've developed a fun and robust space that will meet the needs of our young people for years to come!

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It hasn't happened by accident!

Playgrounds designed for toddlers and children aren't really suitable for bigger kids and young adults, as their size, skills and abilities are significantly different. Young people have different needs, so we're building them a different kind of park.

Rather than building a 'playground', we're creating an active recreation space. A place where young people can test their skills and abilities, meet their friends and get active in a place that is safe for their growing bodies as they become young adults.


We've spent time talking to the community to make sure that what we build is going to meet the needs of our growing community.

  • City of Armadale- identified that there may be a need for a youth specific park to cater for the growing population of young people in the area.
  • Focus group- with staff and parents from Harrisdale Primary and High Schools. The group identified that there were many local parks to meet the needs of toddlers and children, but no local parks suitable for teenagers and youth.
  • Harrisdale High School Students- two workshops were held with interested students to design the skate elements within the park.
  • Neighbour Survey- we asked the neigbours of the proposed park for their feedback and thoughts on the new asset.
  • Community Survey- an online survey was advertised to the local community, asking for their thoughts and suggestions.


The vast majority of people that we spoke to were very excited about the idea of a specific youth park in our community. As we were expecting, a few concerns were raised.
Here's how we addressed them:

  • Adequate facilities (toilets, shade, water)- 2 shade shelters, shade sails, shade trees and a water fountain have been included in the design. As this is classified as a 'local' park, toilets were not able to be included.
  • Lighting/ hours of use - The main elements within the park will not be lit at night, to encourage young people to finish up their activities and head home when night falls. However, pathways through the park will have lighting, so the whole community can still safely travel through the park during an evening stroll or when walking the dog.
  • Noise - Larger vegetation and screening panels will be placed around the perimeter of the park to act as sound dampeners. Skate elements will be constructed from solid concrete (rather than hollow elements) which will limit echoing.
  • Parking - As a 'local' park, this is designed for our local community, who can travel along our extensive network of footpaths to get there! A small number of street parking bays are available for those traveling from further afield.
  • Variety of recreation - The Youth Park includes skate elements, basketball half court, grass kick about area, bike pump track and more!


In short, yes it will! While the park has been designed specifically to meet the needs of youth, many of the park's features are suitable for all abilities.

  • Smooth footpaths connect all of the park's features
  • Accessible water fountain
  • Picnic table in undercover area with wheelchair access
  • Access to multi-court is direct from the footpath (no level changes or gate)
  • Sealed pump track allows the area to be used by various wheel types 
  • Skate park includes a "roll in feature" offering a more graduated entry to the run for less confident skaters or those wishing to use the skate park in a wheelchair
  • Skate park is built into the gradient of the park. Each end is easily accessed by a small hill, with the central area of the run level with the adjacent grassed area.