With so much to remember when moving house, we sometimes forget to attend to the most obvious!


Use our checklist of important dates, contacts and reminders to help you along the way.

Redeeming your fencing & landscaping incentives

To make the most of the Heron Park incentives included in the purchase price of your homesite, be sure to complete and return all applicable forms.

To ensure that these extras are ready for you when you move in, please complete and submit all of your forms at least eight (8) weeks prior to your move-in date

Make sure you read the terms & conditions for each incentive. These outline the inclusions, exclusions and expiry dates.

Misplaced your forms? Download more from our Incentives page.


The Water Corporation is the sole provider of water in Western Australia. Your settlement agent will advise the Water Corporation about your land purchase, so there's no need for you to contact them at the early stages. However, when your home is finished, you will need to contact the Water Corporation so your postal address can be updated.

It's important to know that you may receive water bills even before you have built and/or moved in. Once your property has access to water or wastewater mains, you will be required to pay service charges even if the land remains vacant. You will also be billed for water that is used onsite during the building process


Energy consumers at Heron Park fall into the category of non-contestable customers within the South West Integrated System, which is the electricity distribution network operated by Western Power. This means that householders at Heron Park will not have the option of selecting an electricity provider. All non-contestable customers in WA (including householders at Heron Park) are supplied by Synergy.

Understand more about the West Australian energy market by reading the WA Energy Guide.


The two largest gas providers in Western Australia are Kleenheat and Alinta, but there are now four (4) retailers currently providing natural gas services to residential homes in WA:

  1. AGL
  2. Alinta Energy
  3. Kleenheat
  4. Origin Energy

Understand more about the West Australian energy market by reading the WA Energy Guide.


At least four (4) weeks prior to your move, contact a Retail Service Provider (RSP) to start the process of getting your home connected. An RSP is a company which sells an internet plan directly to you, such as Telstra, iiNet, Exetel and the like. These companies broadband infrastructure to deliver the service to you, so the RSP you are able to use for your internet depends on which infrastructure network is servicing your home.

Within Heron Park estate, NBNCo is already connected -  please visit their website to check available Retail Service Providers and choose your plan.

As the customer, your relationship is with the RSP, so there is no need to contact NBNCo directly.

Home phone

As a newly developed area with fibre-optic infrastructure, landline phone connections at Heron Park are provided by the same Retail Service Providers (RSP) as the internet. Speak to your preferred RSP about home phone packages. Depending on the provider, this may be packaged/bundled in with an internet plan.


Whether you are a new or existing customer, if you wish to have traditional cable TV at your new home, first contact Foxtel on 131 999 to check what cable connection is available at your new address. For existing customers, transferring your service should be booked in at least four (4) weeks prior to your move. For more information about what to do when moving home, see the Foxtel website.

Mail redirection and change of address notification


First and foremost, make sure you have a letterbox! Some new homeowners can get caught out with builders not supplying this as part of the house package, so we recommend discussing this with your builder before they finish your home.

Mail redirection

Mail redirection is the best way of ensuring that you don't lose any post in transit. Visit the Australia Post website for instructions on how to redirect your mail to your new address. Be sure to allow AT LEAST 3 full business days for your application to be processed before the redirection can start.

Change of address notification

When moving house there's a range of people and organisations that you need to notify to update your address details for things like car registration, drivers licence, banks, utilities, workplace, Medicare and the Australian Tax Office, not to mention your friends and family! The Australian Government's change of address checklist is a handy resource to ensure that nothing is overlooked when you move. 

Household wheelie bins

Once you have finished building your home, you can order wheelie bins for your house by visiting the Bins and Collection section of the City of Armadale's website.

The weekly household rubbish collection day ("bin day") for Heron Park (Harrisdale) is a Thursday, so don't forget to put your bins out the night before.

The recycling bin calendar and times for other waste services including bulk verge collection is listed on the Recycling and Waste page of the City of Armadale's website.


When you move to your new home, you'll also need to update the address on your current home and contents insurance or arrange new insurance if you don't currently have any.

And don't forget to update your car insurance while you're at it!