At Heron Park Estate we love creating green spaces for our communities. Because this masterplanned estate was developed with families in mind. Its wide-open spaces, parks and playgrounds, and sporting and community facilities help your family flourish.

In 2015, a $130,000 adventure playground was opened and features a 28-metre long flying fox, two 4-metre high tree houses connected by a suspension bridge with access net and ladder, an obstacle course featuring a rope bridge, balance beams, and wooden stilts and a birds’ nest swing. It also features picnic shelters, barbecues and open space for families to enjoy.

New Youth Park (often referred to internally as Skate Park) is expected to open in summer 2019/2020! This will become the one and only purpose-built park in Harrisdale and Piarra Waters, providing older kids (and perhaps some adventurous adults) with a place for fun activities such as skateboarding, basketball sessions, climbing and much more.  Here's a sneak preview of what's to come. 

So, how is Harrisdale Youth (Skate) Park progressing? Live feed from the construction site will help you get an idea. 

More about the story behind Harrisdale Youth (Skate) Park creation and how local kids helped us design it, visit our Events & Attractions page

Make this park the closest skate park to your home. View our land for sale near this youth park, located in Stage 25.