Heron Park Sponsorship

Heron Park’s Community Sponsorship Program provides the opportunity for community groups and organisations to apply for funding to support community events, activities and projects or to purchase vital equipment. This sponsorship is all part of a commitment to help the community grow and become self-sustainable over time.

To find out if you qualify for support, check out the Community Sponsorship Guidelines or contact the friendly Sponsorship Team at sponsorship@satterley.com.au

To apply, simply download and complete the application form.



Check out some of the amazing community driven initiatives that we’ve supported at Heron Park recently


The Outside the Frame Art Awards is an exciting program open to all high school students across years 11 and 12 throughout the Perth Metropolitan Region. Heron Park has been a proud sponsor of the awards for the past 2 years, sponsoring the overall prize "Heron Park Smarter Choice Award for Excellence" as well as the School Bus Subsidy, which offers a rebate to all schools who visit the exhibition.