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2021-06-03 Property Tips

What to look for when buying into a new suburb

What are the top considerations potential purchasers should consider when it comes to buying in a new suburb? We have devised a list of tips and things to consider when making your property ladder debut in a new locale:

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2021-05-05 Community & Lifestyle

The journey of Honeywood estate

After more than a decade of development Honeywood Estate in Wandi is nearing completion with only 29 lots left for sale. Honeywood Estate is one of Satterley’s most sought-after communities just 30 minutes from Perth CBD and Fremantle. When you visit Honeywood Estate the first thing you notice is a haven of green parklands, native bush, and beautifully manicured street verges. Take a look at how Satterley has designed and delivered an award-winning community that has made it what it is today.

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2021-04-06 Property Tips

Six things COVID-19 has changed about home design

Spending more time at home has become the new way of life for many during COVID-19. Now more than ever, our homes have become more than just a place to eat and sleep.

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2021-03-29 Community & Lifestyle

5 Tips to Finding Your Perfect Satterley Community

The first place to start your home buying research is, of course, online. But the sheer depth and breadth of the material at your fingertips can be overwhelming. Knowing where to start and which sites to keep an eye on is half the job done.

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2020-12-01 Community & Lifestyle

5 things to get you ready for the Festive Season!

With the festive season just around the corner, we've put together some tips and tricks to help you kickstart your festive plans and make this time of year as enjoyable and stress-free as possible, particularly if you have just moved into a new Satterley community!

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2020-11-11 Community & Lifestyle

5 Ways to Make New Friends in Your New Community

Moving into a new neighbourhood and making new friends isn’t always easy, so we've put together 5 different ways to make friends in your new community.

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2020-11-04 Community & Lifestyle

The Satterley Community Difference

A Satterley community is where you feel at home. We take a look at the importance of building communities & why it will always be a priority for Satterley.

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2020-06-08 Community & Lifestyle

VIRTUALLY TOGETHER - An Exciting Program Wrap Up

Satterley’s ‘Virtually Together’ program launched in March 2020 to keep residents connected within their communities during the challenging COVID-19 times. Over 9 activtiies took place with 1 still to go!

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2020-06-01 Community & Lifestyle

Honeywood Business Directory

Honeywood is alive with small business. People who excel doing what they love and sharing their passions and talents with the local community. From hairdressers to plumbers and personal trainers to electricians, Honeywood residents work in a range of industries and provide services to Wandi and greater Perth each and every day.

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2020-05-01 Community & Lifestyle

5 ways to enjoy Winter at home at Honeywood

We share some of our favourite ways to enjoy winter from the comfort and warmth of your new home at Honeywood Estate, Wandi.

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