No need to wait until you move in to get involved in the Honeywood community!


You don't need to wait until you've moved in to be part of the community at Honeywood. Come along and get involved at any stage! You can find all the details on the What's On page of our website. 

Don't forget to Like the Honeywood Estate Facebook page and follow us for the best glimpse into community life at Honeywood. Then get active by commenting, tagging and sharing to become a fully fledged member of our Facebook community

You can also get to know your neighbours (and new friends!) by joining the Honeywood Residents Group on Facebook. This page is run by residents and offers a portal to share local knowledge, ask questions and engage in general community chat!

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Get the 'Local Rag'

Known as the "Voice of Wandi", the Wandi Warbler is a quarterly newsletter published by the Wandi Progress Association. Distributed to around 300 homes in Wandi, it focuses on local news and issues on the ground as related to the Wandi area.

Visit the Wandi Progress Association website for the latest version of the Wandi Warbler or to register to receive it directly into your letterbox or inbox. Story contributions are also encouraged and can be submitted online to the Editor.


If you have any queries about your new community, you can get in touch with Catalina's friendly Community Development Team at:

Phone: 9368 9000