Honeywood | Parks & Playgrounds

It's no secret when you enter Honeywood that this is a unique and beautiful estate. Huge consideration has been made to retaining the vast natural elements and landscape of the site which is seen in the many pockets of public open space. 

All homes at Honeywood are located within 250m of an area of public open space and in 2017, Honeywood estate won the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) Award for Environmental Excellence.

You'll be busy exploring all the stunning spaces at Honeywood for a long time to come!

All Ages Adventure Playground

Catering for children from small babies all the way through to teenagers, this playground with unique and beautiful landscape elements must be seen to be believed! It forms a hub of activity throughout the year, adjacent to the District Playing Fields, Honeywood Primary School and the local Sunday Farmers Markets. 

The playground is fully accessible and has been catered to kids of all abilities. 

And if you're past your playing years, we have park benches under shady mature trees, and a secret wooden platform on the highest point of Honeywood estate, where you can sit in silence and look over the treetops!

Dog Agility Park

This dedicated dog park is relatively new to Honeywood and consists of a fully fenced-in area for your pooch. Stimulating equipment such as tunnels and ramps are scattered throughout the park, as well as shelters for those who want to meet up and socialise rain, hail or shine with their pups!

Six Seasons Park

The Six Seasons Park was inspired by the Nyoongar people, who traditionally hunted and gathered food accordiing to the six seasons. We are currently in the season called Makuru - known as the season of fertility and time to travel inland to hunting grounds in the hills. The rains replenish inland water resources and sweet nectar from the Pudjak (Dryandra sessilis) is enjoyed.

Walking & Cycle Trails

With more than 10 kilometres of walkways and cycle paths, you can meander through the estate at your leisure. There are also cut throughs into the native bushland surrounding the estate, where you can meander through the best natural surroundings right on your doorstep. 

As well as retaining 25% of native bushland at Honeywood, these features of the estate work to enhance your family lifestyle.

Exercise Equipment

Honeywood has a park with $60,000 worth of exercise equipment you can enjoy at your leisure in peaceful, quiet pockets of the estate surrounded by nature. 

Conservation Wetlands

A total of 28 hectares of conservation wetlands has been set aside for protection and as habitat for the endangered Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo. A natural orchard garden also exists within the estate, housing the careful relocation and protection of the rare spider orchid (Caladenia Hueglii).