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5 reasons to visit the new Icaria Dog Park

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We know that furry friends are valued members of the family, so we’ve created a park just for them!

There’s plenty of benefits to visiting a dog park with your pooch, from improving socialisation to training. Here’s our top 5 reasons for you to visit Icaria Dog Park:

1. Improve Socialisation:

Socialisation with other dogs and people is very important for your dogs development. A trip to Icaria Dog Park provides your fur-baby with the perfect opportunity to socialise with other dogs and people in a safe and enclosed environment.

Did you know: Developing your dogs socialisation skills can help to reduce fear and anxiety, and are less likely to adopt problem behaviours such as excessive barking, chewing or other destructive behaviour.

2. Keeps them physically active:

Exercise is a must-have for dogs to stay physically healthy and happy. Being in a fenced area with plenty of space, your dog can freely run around off-leash to burn off some extra energy.

With tunnels, logs, weave poles and a sandpit, your pup can climb, jump, dig and learn some new agility skills!

3. Great for mental stimulation:

Dog parks provide mental stimulation for your dog, which can help prevent behavioral issues caused by boredom and lack of stimulation. Playing with other dogs and exploring the environment can also help reduce stress and anxiety in dogs. It also provides your pooch with exposure to new sights, smells and sounds, helping your dog become more comfortable in different environments and reduce fear and anxiety towards new experiences.

Fun fact: 20 mins of sniffing = 1 hour walk

4. Training opportunities:

Dog parks provide a perfect opportunity to practice their obedience trainings in a different environment with lots of distractions, and is especially good for practicing their recall!


5. Designed for skills development

Icaria Dog Park has been designed with textural and sensory skills development in mind, through the use of locally sourced equipment and materials.

Mulch, turf and a sandpit allows your dog to experience walking on different textures and provides the perfect place to experience a variety of smells.

The tunnels and hardwood logs have been chosen due to the smooth, hardwood surfaces.

Visit Icaria Dog Park, located between Tourmaline Boulevard and Setosa Loop. Get directions: