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Download your copy of The Glades Spaces & Place map

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More than roads and houses

Whether you’ve lived at The Glades at Byford for a while or just moved in, you might be keen to learn more about how this wonderful, vibrant community came to be.

For example, did you know that name for the ‘The Glades’ takes its cue from the two natural creeks that meander through the neighbourhood? Or that the street names reflect Byford’s long and proud history of Australian war service?

If you’ve ever wondered who your street was named after or why The Glades has five distinct ‘mini neighbourhoods’ surrounding the main village centre, our ‘Spaces and Places’ brochure is worth a read.

It explains the planning processes that took place from day one to create this beautifully connected community, along with great facts about popular play spaces and landmarks, a map and a history lesson or two.

Download the brochure below and take a closer look at The Glades. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you discover about your own backyard.