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East Pakenham Train Station: Enhancing Connectivity for Maple Grove Residents

East Pakenham Train Station
Image courtesy of Victoria's Big Build

Maple Grove residents, get ready for a major upgrade in your commuting options! Located just 550 metres away, the brand-new East Pakenham Train Station is set to open next month, promising enhanced connectivity and convenience for our community.

Unparalleled Access and Convenience

Maple Grove residents can look forward to unparalleled access and convenience with the new East Pakenham Train Station practically at their doorstep. Being the closest residential community to the station, Maple Grove offers an attractive proposition for current and prospective homeowners who value easy and quick transit options.

Enhanced Local Connectivity

The new station is expected to dramatically improve daily commutes and increase connectivity between Pakenham and major hubs in Melbourne. This enhancement will not only ease the commute but also bring numerous lifestyle benefits to the surrounding areas, making now a great time to consider Maple Grove as your future home.

New East Pakenham Train Station

Image courtesy of Victoria’s Big Build

From Monday, June 3, all Pakenham Line service will run to the new East Pakenham Station. The new timetable for East Pakenham Station can be viewed on the PTV website.