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How to Make Friends in Your New Community

Our Communities 11 Nov 2020
Making friends in your new community sharing an ice cream

5 Ways to Make New Friends in Your New Community

  1. Let Us Do The Hard Work For You
  2. Get Fit In Nature
  3. Go To The Dogs
  4. Expand Your Social Circle Virtually
  5. Have A Street Sale

Moving into a new neighbourhood and making new friends isn’t always easy! Especially if you are moving to a new suburb or relocating far away from your established networks. But, when you move into a Satterley community, we make connecting with people easy. We have all the tools you need to make new friends and get involved in your new neighbourhood.

Here’s 5 ways to expand your social circle.



We understand that communities don’t just appear through providing the infrastructure. That’s why Satterley was one of the first and remains one of the few residential developers in Australia to have an in-house Community Development team. Our team is  dedicated to making your new community a great place to live and to help shape the lifestyle you want for you and your family.

Waterslide days, food truck nights and movie screenings are just a few of the activities organised by our community team.

“From produce markets, to yoga groups, there’s always something happening where you can meet other residents and get talking. We’re all about creating better communities,” says Satterley community development manager, Amy Blundell.

In Western Australia, a Trick or Treat Meet & Greet at the Catalina Beach Estate is planned for October 31; at Gosse Way Shopping Village, Dalyellup Beach Estate residents can get together at a street party on October 24.

“Expect more fun park and playground events, with the easing of COVID-19 restrictions,” says Amy.

Ripley Valley and Ridgeview Estates, in Queensland, will also see community activity programs starting soon.

The Satterley Community Development team hosts a range of events for the community throughout the year


Getting fit in green spaces has been proven to lift your mood while helping you meet other members of the community.

At True North in Melbourne, residents love to mix and mingle at the new 10-hectare sports and leisure reserve that includes soccer pitches, a skate park, a basketball court and flying foxes.

There are also hectares of lush, green, conservation area in and around the Greenvale Reservoir Park where nature lovers will be able to meet for a stroll.

At Perth’s Beaumaris Beach Estate you’re sure to start a conversation about the spectacular ocean views on the cycleways and beach boardwalks while, in Cairns, the bike and walking paths at Smithfield Village also mean it’s easy to make new friends.



Having a dog provides a great talking point andis a great way to meet new people, All Satterley communities have places where both you and your pooch can connect with nature.

Some, like Perth developments, The Hales in Forrestfield and Honeywood in Wandi, even have dedicated off-leash areas and agility equipment for optimum pup fun.

Doggy day events are also a huge hit in our Satterley communities. Last year, Satterley partnered with Pet’s Haven and hosted a Dog Adoption Day at Arcadia. The free community event attracted 300 people who enjoyed free coffee, ice cream, hot dogs (of the sausage and bread variety!) and face painting.

A similar event was held at Catalina in Clarkson with “smooch-your-pooch” photo booths, free doggy treats and washing and grooming stations.

The Arcadia adopt-a-dog day was a great success!


Satterley’s Virtually Together kept Western Australian communities connected during the challenging COVID-19 times and will continue to feature in Satterley’s regular community programs, as well as be rolled out in Victoria.

Ice cream van visits, front yard kite flying, and a mobile coffee run were all part of the fun.

Amy’s team also shared at-home hacks to inspire residents to get crafty, travel the world virtually and to give back to their community.

Follow our estate Facebook pages to stay up to date with upcoming events and meet ups and connect with your local resident group. If you are in a new community and one hasn’t already been set up, our friendly Community Development team can help get the ball rolling!



De-cluttering, Marie Kondo-style, has never been more on-trend.  Hosting a community garage sale brings everyone together with a common purpose and conversation. Who knows? You might bond over that abdominiser you bought off the lifestyle channel during lockdown but, somehow, still haven’t got around to using.

Recycling unwanted goods is also a great way of living a sustainable lifestyle for less. It is a great way to give your unused items a second chance with a new home and to score new items for yourself without breaking the bank.

Get involved online, or in the real world, in the national Garage Sale Trail on the November 21 and 22.

Our friendly Community Development Team are always on hand to help in the community!

Start your own group

Interested in making friends by doing something a little different? Living in one of Satterley’s masterplanned communities also means that you can approach the friendly Community Team for funding assistance for your sporting club or special interest group through the community sponsorship program. The program provides the opportunity for community groups to apply for funding to support events, activities and projects.

Get in touch with the Sponsorship Team at (08) 9368 9184 or [email protected]