2019-09-25 Property Tips

Should you get expert help when buying a home?

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your life, and the seemingly endless stages, complicated jargon and costs involved can be off-putting! However, there are many professionals ready to help you get through the process! This whitepaper will show you who you can turn to, and how they can help.

2019-08-07 Community & Lifestyle

Top 5 World-class beaches in the Peel Region

Beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and plenty to do nearby - it’s the dream, isn’t it? But, it’s not quite a fairytale. It’s what you can find throughout the Peel region, a short drive from the heart of Ocean Hill, North Lakelands.

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2019-08-07 Industry News

Things to do at Mandurah Foreshore

Only a short drive away from the heart of Ocean Hill is Mandurah Foreshore. As an Ocean Hill resident, you’re only a hop, skip and a jump from the thriving town of Mandurah. You’re close to it all.

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2019-07-31 Property Tips

What the 2019 election result means for first home buyers!

The Liberal - National party returned to power in the 2019 Federal election. what does this mean for first-home buyers?

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2019-07-30 Industry News

How the 2019 Federal election results impact you

With a new government comes new policies and now we can see just how the 2019 Federal Election will impact first home buyers!

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2019-07-25 Property Tips

Costs of buying land for the first time in Australia (Download)

When buying land for your first home, there’s more to consider than the price of the lot. Discover some of the extra costs, and if you could get a discount.


Coffee Spots within walking distance of Ocean Hill, Lakelands

Perhaps you prefer your coffee-to-go. Or maybe dining in with a good book is more your style. Either way, finding your local cafe to wind away your afternoon or to fix your caffeine needs is a must. Here we share our top coffee spots near your new home at Ocean Hill.

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2019-07-24 Industry News

Stage 8 Now Selling at Ocean Hill

Ocean Hill is a private estate located 10 minutes away from the heart of Mandurah. This beautiful coastal location is close to it all and has land for sale from $110,000.

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2019-06-17 Industry News

How Keystart changes can help you buy your Ocean Hill home

Buying your new home in Ocean Hill Lakelands is easier than ever before, thanks to changes in Keystart lending.

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School and Education Options in North Lakelands

Ocean Hill has been designed with family living in mind. We know that providing your children with the very best opportunities and education options is an important consideration when choosing your new homes location.

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