Even though the last lot at Riverstone has now been sold, Satterley is still involved in the construction and development of this magnificent community.  

The following FAQ’s will answer most of the questions which you may have asked our team at the Riverstone Sales Office.  If you still have any questions after reading the FAQ’s, please email the Riverstone project team at riverstone.sales@satterley.com.au.

To allow us to reply to your query as quickly as possible please include as much detail in your email as possible, including:

  • your lot number; and
  • any images which may be useful in assessing your query




Q: When will I receive my lot title?

A: Your lot will receive its title once all civil construction work has been completed and relevant authorities (such as water, power and gas) sign off that this work has been completed within your stage to their satisfaction. To check how close your lot is to titling please contact us at riverstone.sales@satterley.com.au.  

Q: When can my valuer gain access to my lot?

A: Typically the valuer can only access your lot once construction work has finished and a stage has obtained its Title. To see if your stage has reached this point, please refer to the Construction and Titles update on the Riverstone website. In exceptional circumstances, access to the lot can be arranged by emailing riverstone.sales@satterley.com.au with your lot number and contact details.  

Q: How do I get my neighbours details for shared fencing costs?

A: Due to privacy restrictions Satterley cannot provide contact details for your neighbours. If you would like to get in contact with your future neighbour to discuss shared fencing costs, please contact Whittlesea Council on 03 9217 2170.

Q: Rubbish has been left on my lot. Can you remove it?

A: If rubbish has been left on your lot, please take a picture of it and email it through to us at riverstone.sales@satterley.com.au as well as your lot number and contact details.  Satterley will seek to establish who dumped the rubbish and organise for its removal, where appropriate.

Q: How do I get my house design approved?

A: You need to submit your house designs directly to Urbtech for approval on 0413 137 465. You can also email your design through to riverstone@urbtech.com.au.  A copy of the design guidelines can also be found by clicking the link here.  

Q: When is the convenience centre site going to be completed?

A: The convenience centre received its final planning permit and endorsed drawings from Whittlesea Council in July 2016. While Satterley isn’t directly involved in the building of the centre, any updates we receive from the owner of the convenience centre will be posted on the Riverstone Facebook Page.


If your questions is regarding any of the following issues, Satterley recommends that you contact Whittlesea Council on 03 9217 2170:

• Bins

• Street trees / parks

• Community Activity Centre

• Dumped rubbish

• Damage to roads, nature strips or driveways