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3 ways families will find security in a masterplanned estate

Among the myriad of factors to consider when buying land and building a first home, your family's security will doubtless be top of the list. You want to know that your loved ones will be safe in their new neighbourhood, that you'll have financial certainty in the years following the move, and that facilities exist that will allow you all to stay fit and healthy.

In this article we'll explore a few aspects of life in Satterley's masterplanned communities, and how they contribute to a secure environment for families.

Masterplanned estates allow you to get to know, and trust your neighbours.

1. A tight-knit community

A good relationship with your neighbours is important for reasons beyond providing a social life for you and your kids.

When you get to know, and trust, those living around you, your family may reap the following benefits:

Friendly neighbours have your back, and can help keep a watch over your property, as you would theirs. They'll likely know your routines, and so can report any suspicious activity taking place around your property to help keep you safe from break-ins.

You could even leave a key with a trusted neighbour to deal with emergencies if you're away from your property for extended periods of time, for example an overseas vacation. This person can go in every so often to check that everything is as it should be.

Childcare and monitoring:

Play is important for children, and nothing beats the great outdoors when it comes to the developmental benefits of being active together.

However, especially when young children are involved, playing outside usually requires an attending adult. Being able to share this responsibility with the parents of your kids' play dates will mean it doesn't always fall on you. This gives your little ones more chances to play, while you get on with boring adult stuff.

The same system can also operate when work runs over and delays you in picking up the kids from school. Knowing that you can park your kids with a friend takes the pressure of you - who knows, they might even have their homework done by the time you're home.

  • How do Satterley's masterplanned communities help?

At Satterley we work hard to create cohesive and friendly neighbourhoods. Many of our estates feature community development teams that aim to bring residents together through initiatives including workshops, concerts and markets. These events promote networking, allowing you to form bonds with your neighbours that will benefit security in your masterplanned community in the long term.

You should feel comfortable to let your kids play outside.

2. Financial security when building a first home

No matter how long you've lived in your current rental, there will always be an air of uncertainty. Getting yourself into the driver's seat by owning a property is likely up there with the main reasons why you want to buy land and build your first home.

However, you need to be sure that the land you purchase will be a smart financial investment. This may allow you to upgrade or downsize later in life, or even help your kids to buy their first house through a guarantor loan.

People are willing to pay up to 16 per cent more for a house with good access to green spaces.

While there's no guarantee any property will yield capital gains, there are a number of features of our Satterley communities that may positively influence house prices in the long term:

  • Proximity to amenities: Being near to facilities such as schools, transport links, hospitals and employment hubs can have a positive effect on the value of your property, according to Finder. We build our communities to contain, or be close to, these resources.
  • Green spaces: Green spaces are highly prized by Australian home buyers. In fact, data from The Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities shows that people are willing to pay nearly 16 per cent more for a house with good access to natural areas. As we'll see in the next section, outdoor spaces are a big part of life in Satterley masterplanned communities.
  • Soil quality: Sinking of the land (known as subsidence) can knock significant value off your house, and among the factors that contribute to this issue, soil quality is a major player. All Satterley's plots are thoroughly tested by the experts, with most featuring A grade soil.

Satterley's masterplanned communities are developed on high quality soil, and close to important amenities.

3. Security in your health

As we've mentioned, Satterley's estates boast large amounts of green spaces that provide the perfect opportunity to keep in shape. Taking one example, in Eden Beach in WA, 10 per cent of the estate is a dedicated conservation area, and there are over 10 landscaped parks covering a total of 670 hectares (nearly 670 football fields). Another example in Victoria is Botanical, where 22 per cent of the land is committed to green spaces - this equates to 30 hectares, or just short of 30 football fields.

However, as some interesting research suggests, there are benefits of living in a masterplanned community that go beyond your physical health, contributing instead to your social wellness.

Research suggests that living on a masterplanned estate can have mental health benefits.

In one example, published in the Health Promotion Journal of Australia, scientists interviewed focus groups consisting of residents from masterplanned communities. They found that mental health can be positively influenced by the sense of community and security, as well as the aesthetically pleasing environment that's often found in these neighbourhoods.

This is backed up by the Department of Health, which claims that being deeply involved in your community can bring a sense of connectedness and social belonging that benefits your social and mental wellbeing.

Security is just one among many considerations that you will have when deciding where to buy land. To learn more about the lifestyle benefits that a masterplanned community can offer you, find land for sale in your area today.

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