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2020-04-02 Community & Lifestyle
Author: Satterley Property Group

The best walking trails near Ocean Hill estate, North Lakelands

Choosing to live at Ocean Hill means choosing to live surrounded by nature. From walking in bush to strolls along the coast, there are many ways you can get out and about to enjoy the wealth of nature that surrounds you. Ocean Hill really is the estate that has it all. 

Spend your afternoon walking alongside the Mandurah coast or exploring trails in the national parks or along the Murray River. Exploring the outdoors is a fantastic way to view sights and natural attractions while getting the whole family active. 

Depending on the walking path you decided to take, walking, bike riding and even scootering can be chosen as your form of transportation to keep the little ones in your family entertained. If you’re taking your kids along for the day try including some fun activities along the route to keep their minds active and the boredom away! Some of our favourite activities include playing 'I spy', taking photos together - perhaps investing in a disposable camera, going on a bug hunt, and creating an obstacle course with the nature surrounding you. Walks aren’t just for grown-ups!

Below we share some of our favourite walking trails close by to Ocean Hill for you and your family to enjoy this weekend. 


1)Halls Head Coastal Walk

Halls Head Coastal Walk is a 6km route, accessed from Boardwalk Boulevard. Known for spectacular views of the Indian Ocean, this coastal walk is a popular destination for tourists and locals. There are many spots during the walk you can take five to enjoy the view and spot dolphins and other marine wildlife. Wheelchair and pram access is available. 


2)Kitty's Gorge Walk Trail

Kitty’s Gorge is a walk that journeys through idyllic surrounds along the Serpentine River and Gooralong Brook. The waterfalls along the way are what make this walking trail so special. Choose a path that suits you from a mini 500m loop to a 14km day walk. Note, entry fees do apply.


3)Mundlimup Trail and Loop

Mundlimup Trail takes you on an adventure through jarrah forest starting from the Mundimup Recreation sites. You’ll cross the bridge over the old railway and will continue through to see evidence of old logging operations. The trail takes about an hour and is relatively easy for the whole family to enjoy. 


4)Baldwins Bluff Nature Trail

Baldwins Bluff Nature trail is located within the Serpentine National Park. The high location offers walkers idyllic views throughout the 6km trail. Pass through areas of redgum and wandoo forest spotting plant and bird species on route!

Spending the day in nature with your loved ones is what Ocean Hill living is all about. If we’ve missed your favourite walking trail, let us know by sharing your go-to walking trail spot on the link below. 

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