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2019-09-30 Property Tips
Author: Satterley

Saving for your first home deposit? Check out these four tips to get you started!

Saving for your home deposit can seem daunting and overwhelming! But as you can see in our short video below starting off with these four simple steps can set you off on the right path!

1. Consolidate your debts to pay less in interest each year. Not only will this help your finance in the long tun, you'll get a kick out of knocking off each milestone!

2. Consider listing any spare rooms you have on Airbnb, if you have permission from your landlord. This creates another stream of income that will help you achieve your savings target quicker.

To see the rest of our hot tips simply click below to watch the video.

Hot Tips To Save For Your Home Deposit

Saving for your home deposit? Get to your goal quicker with these four tips!

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