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2019-10-27 Property Tips
Author: Satterley

4 reasons to build your new home in a masterplanned community

So what makes a masterplanned community - a carefully planned neighbourhood that typically includes (or is near) everything its community would want - enticing? These carefully planned developments offering house and land for sale near you are growing increasingly popular around Australia, with everyone from young families to retirees and investors choosing them as the location to build their new home.

We had a chat with Nigel Satterley, CEO and founder of Satterley - Australia's largest private residential land developer - to learn more about what makes masterplanned communities special, and the reasons you should consider building your new home in one.

"A Satterley masterplanned community is thoughtfully planned out to include everything a growing community could need."

Reason 1: Masterplanned communities are packed with amenities and character

It's no coincidence that Satterley land for sale is surrounded by life's necessities.

"A Satterley masterplanned community is thoughtfully planned out to include or be close to everything a growing community could need," said Mr Satterley, "including primary and secondary schools, shopping and commercial centres, medical facilities, childcare centres, and entertainment precincts."

This isn't just important for your convenience - nearby amenities can also drive up the value of your home, making masterplanned communities a savvy investment to complete your land buying journey. As professional property investor Jeremy Sheppard explained to 'schools, shopping centres, childcare centres and coffee shops can potentially add gains over time. Essentially, the more frequently an amenity is used, the more it has the chance to drive value.'


Upper Point Cook is one of Satterley's most sought after communities in Melbourne's west, just 24km from the CBD

Reason 2: Masterplanned communities are ideal for working professionals

Consider this: In the past when you've been looking for a new place to live, how many locations have you avoided because commuting to and from work would be inconvenient? You shouldn't have to sacrifice the perfect community for an easier working life.

Mr Satterley explained that many of Satterley's communities are situated not only near schools and day care facilities, but transport links and employment hubs (taking into account both existing and future infrastructure). This ensures community residents have an easier time commuting, and can spend more of their day relaxing and enjoying the neighbourhood during the working week.

Reason 3: Masterplanned communities are healthy by design

Green spaces are more important than you might realise, which is one reason that Satterley developments are carefully designed to include pristine natural areas.

World Health Organisation research suggests that urban green spaces have a raft of health benefits, particularly for children, pregnant women and older people. These include stress reduction, psychological relaxation, enhanced physical activity and reduced exposure to air pollution.

"Living in a masterplanned community means investing in a better lifestyle for yourself and your family," said Mr Satterley. "Having access to thoughtfully designed parks and playgrounds, conservation and bush lands, and beautiful streetscaping creates a better lifestyle and a more engaged and friendly community."

The Hales - Create the life you've dreamed of

This is just a preview of what your life could be like at The Hales, Forrestfield, WA. Urban by nature, The Hales offers the best of both worlds. Turn a beautiful morning into a beautiful evening and a beautiful life.

Reason 4: In a masterplanned community, there's always something going on

'Community' is the key word here. Masterplanned estates aren't just postcodes with streets and shops - they're fun, inspiring places to live where there's always something interesting happening. Indeed, as Mr Satterley explained, many Satterley developments have a dedicated community team that works to activate open spaces and playgrounds, put on events, and mobilise resident groups to make the most of their beautiful surrounds.

Some of the events that these teams create across the country include:

  1. Movie nights.
  2. Farmer's markets.
  3. Free workshops (e.g. arts and crafts, or music).
  4. Concerts.
  5. Sporting and fitness classes.

When you're settling into your newly built home, community events are a great way to make friends in the area and explore your surroundings.

About Nigel Satterley

Nigel Satterley founded the Satterley Property Group in 1980, and has had a 40-year career in Australia's property industry - he is a sought-after expert for the WA state and federal government. For his role in contributing to land development, urban renewal, housing affordability and various charity organisations, he has been awarded titles such as the Western Australian Ministry of Housing Citation for services to the housing industry, the Distinguished Service Award from the Urban Development Institute, and a Doctor of Business from Edith Cowan University.

To take the next step in your land buying journey, find a Satterley masterplanned community near you today.

Nigel Satterley AM, CEO Satterley

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