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5 Tips to Finding Your Perfect Satterley Community

The first place to start your home buying research is, of course, online. But the sheer depth and breadth of the material at your fingertips can be overwhelming. Knowing where to start and which sites to keep an eye on is half the job done.

Before you press search, take a moment to consider what makes your ideal community. At Satterley, our communities across Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria are designed around engaged and connected lifestyles.

However each masterplanned community has its own unique elements with different natural settings, parks, playgrounds and walking or cycling trails.  There’s also the proximity to amenities such as transport links, school and shops.

No matter where you decide to live, it’s reassuring to know that now is a good time to be searching for property. Economists around the country are confident Australia’s house price growth is strong and interest rates are unlikely to rise any time soon.

CBA forecasts prices will lift by 8 per cent in 2021 and six per cent in 2022, with house prices to increase 16 per cent in that time and unit prices by nine per cent.

By December 2022, the bank expects prices to surge by 17.7 per cent in Perth, followed by 16.6 per cent in Brisbane and 12.4 per cent in Melbourne.

What’s more, Australia’s interest rates sit at a historically low level. The last time the Reserve Bank of Australia lifted rates was back in November 2010 and it has stated the rate is unlikely to be changed in the next three years.

1. Real estate websites

Your first online stop is at, also known as REA. This website has a search platform that allows you to look for properties anywhere in Australia.

Not only does it list properties for sale, but those that have sold recently. This gives you insights into price trends and market demand.

For each suburb, also provides median house and unit prices, along with a graph depicting price trends with data reaching back to 2012. is a great place to keep tabs on the properties for sale at Satterley’s communities across Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland. is another national real estate platform that provides property listings, and like REA, it also has plenty of property news for those looking for extra information. Buyers in Western Australia may also like to check out to see properties for sale in Perth and WA.

2. Stay connected on social media

Social media sites can be useful barometres of a neighbourhood’s interaction and engagement. Satterley uses social media for its communities to keep residents up to date on local news, share photos and most importantly, to connect with each other.

See for yourself at Eden Beach’s Facebook site or True North’s Instagram page where you’ll find photos of new purchasers, details about upcoming community events and news of latest land releases or newly completed amenities.

Satterley communities with Facebook pages also include Gallery by Satterley, Heron Park, Honeywood, The Hales, Allara, Arcadia, Cassia, Dalyellup BeachBotanical, True North and Greenvale.

It’s also a good idea to plug into private resident groups which are organised and maintained by residents of an estate. These are often excellent sites to make contact with people in your neighbourhood by posting messages and photos about what’s going on locally.

3. Council web sites

Local councils manage a whole host of community events designed to bring people together. This includes children’s holiday programs, information evenings, fundraisers, sporting events and festivals.

Councils also communicate with residents to inform them of a diverse range of local news - from infrastructure upgrades to new facilities.

Getting the low down on the council in your chosen community gives you a good sense of what to expect in the future and also how things work locally.

4. Interactive tours, fly throughs and 360 degree maps

Modern technology makes it easy to cast your eyes over a new location without even leaving your home. Drone aerial footage has powered fly through videos and 360 degree maps so potential purchasers can navigate their very own personalised tours.

Best of all, you can take these tours any time, and as many times, as you like.

Eden Beach Fly Through

Let us show you around Eden Beach in Jindalee. Take a Fly Through to view the beach location, the shops, schools and so much more.

5. Time to hit the road

After doing all of that research, it’s now time to see what living in these communities is really like. A visit to a display village is a helpful step towards choosing the right home to meet your lifestyle needs.

At a display village you can expect to see a range of home builders showing off their latest designs and to meet professionals who can answer your questions in person. For a sneak peek, take a look at Satterley’s display village pages. For example, the site for Ridgeview community’s display village in Queensland lists houses by more than 10 builders for you to inspect before making the visit.

BOLD at Ridgeview Display Village

Once there, the display villages give you a chance to walk through the homes so you can develop a real sense of the floorplans and functionalities of each one. Touch the benchtops, try out the taps and check out the storage. Take it all in!

You may even want to visit a community event while you’re there for a genuine experience of the area. A trip to Honeywood in Wandi, WA could include a stop at the local farmers market, you could see the community come together for Harmony Day at Heron Park, Harrisdale, WA and there’s Adopt a Furry Friend Day at Arcadia, Victoria.

Once you start your research you’ll quickly discover how easy it is to pull together a full package of information about a community. All that’s left to do is work out how well your lifestyle is supported and enhanced by becoming a member of that community.

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