There should be two things top of mind when you build a new house: liveability and saleability. How your family will live in the new space is an obvious priority, but how to gear the house for resale often comes as an afterthought.

Sales trends reveal Australians are highly likely to buy and sell more than once in their lifetime. People in Western Australia and Queensland average 12 years before selling up, while Victorians average eight years.

Keeping this in mind, it’s important to consider the best ways to boost your home’s resale value before, and not after, the build process.

Here, we highlight five smart ways to boost both liveability and saleability to make your house a success right up until the day you sell. 

Home design that makes sense

Your home design needs to consider your current and future lifestyle requirements, and if this isn’t your forever home, how trends and behaviours are impacting household living.

For example, a flowing open plan kitchen, living and dining area brings the family together and allows maximum room for entertaining. A seamless connection between indoor living rooms and outdoor entertaining areas also provides a great space to entertain as well as a place for families to enjoy on their own.

Large windows in open-plan areas make for a light and spacious house where everyone is bound to feel comfortable.

Providing increased separation of areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms is important in ensuring privacy in a home. Having a quiet space for a study or home office has become increasingly important with people working from home during the pandemic and the trend of more flexible working arrangements expected to increase.

Most builders will have inhouse design teams to help you craft a home design that’s right for you while taking into account timeless styles and trends for future generations. Clever building design means your house will boast great liveability without the need for renovations down the track, giving it top resale value. Let’s dig deeper into some important features of home design…

A kitchen to last the ages

A kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s where we spend most of our time in the house and it’s often where the family gathers to prepare meals or be together.

Choosing a kitchen with classic styling and quality fittings will ensure it stands the test of time. This includes neutral colours such as whites and beiges, and cabinetry that’s functional and easy to access.

A butler’s pantry - high up on the wishlist for most home buyers - is ideal for storage and keeping your kitchen tidy. If space doesn’t allow, a laundry and pantry combination can be a clever solution.

Other high-ranking features include reliable appliances, durable benchtops and splash backs that are easy to clean.

Good kitchen design has a simple layout that makes food preparation easy. The time-honoured “golden triangle” rule still applies. That is the theory of the placement of the three main work areas - the sink, the fridge and the stove - forming a triangle.

This triangle is where you clean, prepare food and store food, so it means less need to move from one end of the kitchen to the other.


“There’s too much storage,” said no one ever. The need for storage is universal and so a house needs to have as much as possible.

Planning clever storage spaces before you build will ensure your family and future buyers reap the benefits.

Furniture can only accommodate so much storage, so think about what other possible built-in features could be added in your home. This includes wardrobes with hanging space and drawers in bedrooms, built-in wall storage in living areas, cupboards in laundrys and even in hallways.

Ample storage options means your home will be well-equipped for your needs and those of future buyers, who are more likely to see themselves living in a well organised space with plenty of storage.

Energy efficiency

An energy efficient home has become more important than ever with Australians focusing more on sustainability and cost efficiencies. A greener house equals lower power and gas bills, and on a global scale, less carbon emissions.

Home builders are now integrating clever ways to maximise natural heating and cooling into their designs. This includes block orientation and the positioning of  a home’s living areas to the north providing more natural light. Thicker, or double-glazed, windows help to keep the warmth in during the colder months and the heat out during summer.

During the design of your new home, think about how the placement of doors and windows will allow for the most effective ventilation. Good ventilation is in high demand in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. With people spending more time working from home, it’s important to factor in features that will keep your family healthy and comfortable while saving you money.

Solar panels are growing in popularity thanks to the cost savings they return, particularly in summer when air-conditioning is frequently in use. Installing solar panels during the build means you can take advantage of the cost savings from the start.

Satterley offers a range of smart energy solutions and building incentives across homes in its communities across Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria. This includes everything from solar panels to smart thermostats and energy monitors.


A thriving and vibrant community makes for a great place to call home. This includes amenities where people can socialise, relax and exercise such as parks, playgrounds and walking paths.

The advantages of living near local facilities has also been increasingly recognised as a measure of good liveability. This has seen the growth of the 20-minute neighbourhood standard of urban planning. As part of this theory, residents have access to shops and services, schools, public transport, and employment all within a 20-minute walk. It means residents enjoy convenience and a healthy lifestyle because they are likely to walk more often and spend more time outdoors.

With over 40 years of experience, Satterley has developed 175 communities located close to public transport routes, employment hubs and, once fully developed, schools, shopping precincts, parks and playgrounds. Over 250,000 people proudly call a Satterley community home in three states – Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland. Find out more about our communities:

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2021-09-17 Property Tips

5 ways to boost your home's liveability and saleability when building


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