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2020-05-01 Community & Lifestyle
Author: Satterley Property Group

5 ways to enjoy Winter at home at Honeywood

  1. Learn a new skill
  2. Enjoy some down time
  3. Winter clean
  4. Plan a board game night with the family
  5. Turn your hand to your home improvement

Winter at Honeywood is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The new season brings a change of tone to our otherwise busy lives. One where we get the opportunity to focus on our friends, family and the things we have put on the back burner for most of the year. It’s a time to reset and look forward to the warmer months ahead. 

Below we share some of our favourite ways to enjoy winter from the comfort and warmth of your new home at Honeywood Estate, Wandi.

1) Learn a new skill

Having a few hours spare during your evenings and weekends means you have time to learn a new skill. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn a language, learn how to cook a certain meal or want to perfect how to crochet? Whatever passion you’ve had at the bottom of your to-do list could now be prioritised and perfected.

2) Enjoy some down time

Our lives are busy and spending time on ourselves is often last on our list; especially with a busy job, kids or parents to look after! Take some time out for you. Run a bath, play your favourite music or watch that TV show you’ve got on your must-watch list.

3) Winter clean

Spend your afternoon clearing out your wardrobe and donating unwanted clothes to charity. The same for your cupboards and pantry. Your unwanted goods are someone else treasures. Not only will your home smell sweet and look clear of clutter, but you’ll also have a feel-good factor that will last for days!

4) Plan a board game night with the family

Cool winter evenings are best spent with family. Plan a tournament with your families favourite board games, put out a selection of delicious drinks and snacks and spend an evening embracing healthy competition. Why not throw in a prize for the winner?

5) Turn your hand to your home improvement

We all have a long list of DIY tasks around the house that need TLC. Hanging that photo, oiling the deck, building the flatpack sat in the spare bedrooom - we all have those annoying jobs hanging around the house. Take this time to complete your to-do list so when spring and summer come around you’re free to enjoy your weekends, guilt-free.

How are you enjoying winter at home at Honeywood? Share how you’re staying home and warm over the cooler months on our Facebook page. 

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