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2019-11-18 Community & Lifestyle
Author: Satterley Property Group

5 ways your dog can enjoy living at Allara!

Our furry friends make our families whole.  Their affection can bring so much love to a family household, so it’s important to make sure your four-legged friend is safe and happy in your new home in Allara, Eglinton.

Moving into a new home can feel overwhelming. There is so much to think about and much to organise, but it doesn't have to feel that way. With careful planning and a little help from the Allara team, moving into your new home can be enjoyable and fun! We share our top five tips to help ensure your new home at Allara is pet-friendly and provides the perfect place for the whole family to thrive.

Make your outdoors dog friendly

With a fence or wall it’s easy to assume that all gardens are automatically dog friendly, but there are a few things to consider when choosing your outdoor area specifics. 

Be sure to avoid artificial grass that has been treated with lead. This can be toxic for your dog, especially as they often can’t resist licking the grass! Toxic weed killers should also be avoided or used with caution ensuring your dog doesn’t come into contact with the area soon after applying. 

It’s also highly recommended to hose down the area if you opt for artificial grass, especially in the hotter months, to ensure a cool place for your dog to have a rest without burning their delicate paws.

Select your interior wisely 

Hard-wearing flooring is a must when it comes to making choices in your home if you have a furry family member. Laminate flooring can often be a good choice, maximising durability and providing a sleek appearance that doesn't require regular professional cleaning, like carpet. Hardwood, tiles or laminate flooring also provides a cool place for your dog to sleep on a warm and lazy afternoon. 

Furniture can be a worry for many when it comes to owning a pet. Try adding blankets to your sofa to protect the material or choose materials that are easy to wipe down and quick drying. 

Get out and about enjoying the walking trails around Allara

The abundance of outdoor space at Allara is perfect for your dog to experience the great outdoors and great for you too! Head to nearby Yanchep National Park for a walk around the lake to give your furry friend some exercise and great fresh air too. The nearby Woodlands Walk Trail is also a perfect location for your dog to burn off some energy. 

Enjoy the nearby dog beaches with your pooch 

Dogs love the beach just as much as we do! Whether it’s running free in the ocean or chasing their favourite toy in sand, our precious pooches love getting wet and sandy. Allara has a number of options nearby for your dog to enjoy. Try Yanchep dog beach just a short five minute drive away or a bit further afield head to Quinns dog beach or Jindalee to let your dog roam free in the sand. Dog beaches are a great way to meet other dog lovers in the community too!

Find a local groomer to keep your furry friend dirt-free and happy

It’s often easy to think your pooch will be fine with a quick wash down outside every once in a while, but depending on the hair length of your dog, dirt can get trapped inside the hairs causing discomfort, especially in the warmer weather or post-beach walk. What’s more, a groom can feel like a spa day for your pooch! Try local mobile groomers Kleener K9 in Yanchep for a cut and tidy up for your dog. 

Have you got more ideas to keep your pooch happy? We’d love to hear from you. Let us know below. 

When complete, Allara will be home to close to 3,400 families. Want to join them? Lots are selling now, head online to view the latest lots available and secure your dream home now! 

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