So you’ve just moved in to your new Satterley community and you now want to make the most of it! It can be extremely daunting meeting new people or figuring the ‘ins and outs’ of a new neighbourhood, but rest assured there are many ways to connect with locals in your community at a Satterley estate.

Check out our 9 easy ways to settle into your exciting new community below.

1. Meet your neighbours

It may seem obvious, but the old-fashioned way of knocking on your neighbour’s door and introducing yourself is one of the simplest ways to start a new friendship and help you feel settled in your new surroundings. You could even go the extra mile by taking a small gift with you as a friendly gesture. You’ll be guaranteed to make a good impression and it is unlikely your new neighbours will be able to resist a homemade sweet treat, bottle of wine or plant! Better yet, this will be a great opportunity to get some insights from your new neighbours about what’s happening in the community or the favourite local hotspots. Which brings us to our next tip…

2. Pop down to your local café or restaurant

What better way to settle into your new community than by visiting the local café for a coffee or spot of brekkie on the weekend! You’ll get to be amongst other members of your community who will soon enough become friendly and familiar faces that you can easily strike up a conversation with.

Residents at our Eden Beach estate can often be found enjoying breakfast, lunch or dinner at The Beach House, an award-winning restaurant in Jindalee. Timber café is a popular choice for our Heron Park North residents in Harrisdale and Marnong Estate, just minutes from Botanical estate in Mickleham, has something for everyone at each of their 3 venues; from private dining, to beautiful cocktails and superb coffee.

Eden Beach estate's award-winning restaurant, The Beach House

3. Visit the local parks

One of the hallmarks of a Satterley community are the beautifully landscaped parks and fun playgrounds, which are designed with the whole family in mind – including your beloved furry friends! Getting out for a walk to the local park with the family is not only one of the best ways to spend a sunny afternoon but also a great way to meet other local families.

Our Honeywood estate in Wandi features a fully fenced area for your pooch as well as agility equipment such as tunnels and ramps for some stimulating fun! The aviation themed Drimmie Park at our Catalina estate in Clarkson includes a replica WWII aircraft that serves as a fun play structure with nets, slides, swings and climbing elements.

Drimmie Park in Catalina is a favourite among local families and kids

4. Shop local

With the impacts of COVID-19 felt largely by the small business sector it is important for communities to continue supporting local small businesses. A great way to shop local is by visiting farmers markets in and around your new estate, giving you the opportunity to support your local community, check out the fresh local produce and, of course, meet new people.

Kalamunda Farmers Markets, on every Sunday morning, are located just a short 10-minute drive from The Hales estate in Forrestfield and offer a large array of seasonal fruit and vegetables, organic meat, bread, pastries, gluten-free baked goods and more. Honeywood residents can also enjoy The Local Farmers Market every Sunday from 8am - 12pm at the Wandi Playing Fields.

5. Attend local community events

Satterley was one of the first, and remains one of the few, residential developers in Australia to have an in-house Community Development team dedicated to building communities. Our friendly team can assist you to settle in and make your new community feel like home. Through various community activation events and ongoing support like sponsorships, our community development team is here to make your new estate a great place to live.

From movie nights, markets and food trucks, seasonal festivities and summer splash days, the Satterley Community team are always working to deliver high quality events that bring communities together. Getting involved in these popular events is a great way to meet other residents and help you feel at ease in your new neighbourhood. 

Satterley’s Weekend Connectors are a new mini-series of events held at various estates designed to bring residents together over a barista-made coffee or morning treat and free activities. Find out more here.

Satterley's Spring Delights event at Clementine estate in Upper Swan

6. Look to your local council

Many local councils offer a range of facilities, programs, events and attractions to residents living in the local area. Taking advantage of council facilities such as libraries and leisure centres can be a good way to meet other residents in a friendly and welcoming environment. You can follow your local City on Facebook or visit their website to keep up to date with upcoming events and activities, and even subscribe to receive their e-newsletter. 

7. Join online resident groups

Building relationships by being active in the community doesn’t have to just be done by attending in-person events (although this is often the best way). You can also get involved online by joining your local community group on Facebook where you can engage with fellow residents, share information and ask questions. 

And if one doesn’t already exist, why not consider creating one yourself? It’ll be a great way to break the ice in your new community.

8. Volunteer in your community

If spare time is available to you, consider volunteering in the community to improve your neighbourhood and support local organisations such as charities, sporting clubs or schools.

Volunteering is a wonderful way to meet new people with similar interests or values while also giving back to the community and helping others. There are many ways you can get involved, from joining your school’s P&C or helping out at local football games, to taking part in tree planting days or picking up rubbish at your local park.

9. Get out and exercise

Being part of a Satterley community means you have access to walking trails, reserves, parks and open spaces so you can enjoy all the benefits of being outdoors, including the fresh air and exercise.

At Clementine estate in Upper Swan, residents can access the natural bushland and reserve along the banks of the Ellen Brook, complete with walking trails and a foreshore park featuring a dedicated interactive and stimulating kids playground. At Botanical in Mickleham, residents will be able to enjoy a lush 22-hectare park featuring a planned sporting oval and vast network of cycling and walking trails.

Satterley is Australia’s largest private residential developer and has built over 170 communities across Western Australia, Queensland, and Victoria. For more information about all Satterley communities, visit

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2021-10-21 Community & Lifestyle

9 ways to settle into your new Satterley community


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