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2018-10-26 Community & Lifestyle

A Habitat worth preserving

Ever thought about how a new community gets its name? You might think it’s as simple as a fancy-sounding title being plucked out of nowhere, but it’s never as random as that. In some cases, a name describes a new district within an existing suburb; in others there’s an even more involved story behind it.

Before Habitat had its own display village. Before there was even a masterplan laying out proposed residential areas, walking paths and bus routes. Before Habitat was Habitat, we knew that we were working around a unique natural waterway with nearly 14 hectares of designated natural parkland, comprising approximately 5 hectares of conservation zone. In fact, we knew the community would become custodians of a rejuvenation and enhancement effort focused on Davis Creek.

The conservation zone in question includes protected wetlands, native vegetation, grasslands and is home to a creature that is running out of habitat in Victoria. Growling Grass Frog numbers have declined rapidly in Australia over the last decade. It’s a threatened species in Australia, listed as “vulnerable” at the national level, but “endangered” – a step closer to extinction – in Victoria.

With all this in mind- the importance of Davis Creek, the beauty of the land that surrounds it, the plight of the Growling Grass Frog – the name for our project became obvious and Habitat was born.

That was more than five years ago. Now, the Davis Creek parkland will become one of the community’s major attractions. It’s pretty rare these days to be able to build on land less than 30 kilometres from the CBD with creek and parkland frontage, but that’s exactly what Habitat buyers have done and can still do to this day.

Images: Artist's impressions

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