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Arcadia now a Neighbourhood Watch community

In August, Arcadia became a partner of Neighbourhood Watch, the organisation that has been encouraging community members to look out for each other for nearly four decades.

Neighbourhood Watch was first piloted in Victoria in 1983 as a crime prevention initiative. It’s expanded to become a program that connects neighbourhoods, concentrating not just on safety and security, but on community health and the environment.

Satterley’s General Manager for Victoria and Queensland, Jack Hoffmann says joining Neighbourhood Watch has numerous advantages.

“Neighbourhood Watch understands that when residents of an estate like Arcadia work together and think of themselves as part of a connected neighbourhood network, the community becomes stronger."

“Like Satterley, they have a lot of experience working with new suburban communities and they concentrate on making these communities safe and inclusive. You might associate Neighbourhood Watch with theft prevention – and that’s an important part of its work – but this is as much about building harmony and respect across our community as it is about crime alone.”

Jack says partnering with Neighbourhood Watch will benefit residents now, but also well into the future.

“One of Arcadia's biggest attributes is its tight-knit community. Neighbourhood Watch will only strengthen that sense of togetherness and help residents share important community information.”

“In the future, of course, once all available land at Arcadia is sold and all work is completed, there’s a handover. We pass on important maintenance responsibilities for things like water connections, sewer assets, trees and parks to Council. But in many ways we’re passing stewardship of the community over to residents."
“By the time this happens, the Neighbourhood Watch program will have been well-established. And because it has such a focus on community engagement and care, we’ll exit knowing Arcadia is poised to thrive in the years and decades ahead.”

As part of their Building Community Together program, Neighbourhood Watch offers a variety of information sessions and community-based events, as well as safety and security material. Recently, the program has launched free webinars offering advice on simple actions you can take to avoid becoming a victim of crime.

Registrations for the webinars are essential, and you can sign up by visiting the Neighbourhood Watch website.

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