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2021-02-05 Community & Lifestyle

Find a place to call home at Arcadia

Two families tell us what made them choose where they live and why they’ve come to love Arcadia.

Emma and Blake have been living in Arcadia with their four children and dog Buddy for nearly three years. Emma says that when they were looking for a new home, size and safety were front of mind.

“We were really interested in having a big enough block that we could have a house [where] everyone could have their own bedrooms and leisure areas for them all to play in.

“[We wanted] a block that was flat that we could build a backyard on, and that was safe for [the children] to head straight out and play.”

That’s what they found at Arcadia. And while safety was critical, Emma says so was the need for a sense of freedom.

“It was really important in the area that there were parks for us to be able to just walk to. So it's really great that we can walk straight down to school. We don't have to drive. We can walk to the shops, and to the parks in the area and around the lake, and it's just a really good way to relax.

“It's really important as my kids get older that I give them the freedom to actually go and see their friends and go for rides and go to the park. I feel safe because the kids are able to cross one road and then they get to an area where they can just ride for nearly an hour without having to cross another road. It alleviates all of that fear of letting kids go and be outdoors and active.

Satterley, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2020, was established by Nigel Satterley in Western Australia in 1980. After great success in his home state - the company is now the largest privately owned property developer in Australia – he branched out into Victoria.

Over the past decade, around 8,000 families have moved into Satterley communities across Melbourne. Two of those are Janelle and Andrew, who moved into Arcadia around the same time as Emma and Blake. They loved the community so much that after three years in their current home they’re building within Arcadia again and have recommended that friends and family do the same.

“We are upsizing. We are building in Stage 29. Just finalising the plans now for construction to commence by March 2021, hopefully,” Janelle says.

“We are trying to get my parents down here – free childcare! – and we are coaxing two of our friends to move down here. One of them is absolutely set.”

Initially, Janelle remembers, they were enticed by the community’s outdoor amenity and came to love the social aspect of their neighbourhood.

“We love the dog park, the lakes, walking tracks, the parks for our future children and all the schools. We love how family friendly it is,” Janelle says.

“All our neighbours here are super friendly. Everyone smiles and says hello when you walk past them.”

Emma has noticed a similarly pleasant community atmosphere.

“We have a range of people from different cultures and backgrounds and ages and religions, all coming together and interacting in a positive way, and I think the community here is just fantastic for that.”

“We wanted to raise our family in a really nice environment, and that's what Arcadia means to us, I think. It just felt like it's where we needed to be.”

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