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2019-07-05 Community & Lifestyle

Arcadia's Winter 2019 Newsletter

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Welcome to Arcadia’s mid-year newsletter.

In this edition, we’ll provide a summary of the the excellent schools on your doorstep; a new early learning centre on the corner of Bridge Road and Parker Street and plenty more. 

We will also be providing all the latest information on how the project is advancing from titles and service works to parks development.

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Pet adoption day brings out the best in local community!

Nearly 20 animals have new homes after our Adopt a Furry Friend Day, the annual community event that has turned into an extravaganza of generosity and goodwill.

Animal home and rehousing specialists, Pets Haven Foundation, has partnered with Satterley since the first event. This is the first time, however, the Adopt a Furry Friend Day has involved cats and that
was made possible thanks to FurKids Rescue, an organisation owned by an Arcadia resident.

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New early learning centre opens in Arcadia

Arcadia is well-known for the education options offered within the community. And that reputation will only improve further now that a new early learning centre is opening in July on the corner of Bridge Road and Parker Street. 

We spoke with Managing Director of One Early Education Group, Richard Rice, about the new facility, which he describes as the company’s “flagship”.

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