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2020-02-03 Community & Lifestyle
Author: Satterley Property Group

Big family blocks at Provence

Choosing the location for your new home can be a difficult decision. There are so many questions to ask yourself about what your family needs in a new location; are there plentiful school and education options? Quiet suburbia or hustle and bustle? Coastal or rural?! The decisions are endless and it's important to take everything into account before choosing the perfect location for you to build your dream home. 

Provence estate, located in the beautiful town of Busselton, combines the best of coastal living with breathtaking parks, wineries and all the amenities you need for the whole family! With plenty of open space, barbecue facilities, picnic areas and walking trails, it truly is the perfect place to call home whether you’re looking to grow your family or soon to be empty-nesters when the kids fly the nest!

After choosing your location, the next step is choosing the right block for you and your lifestyle. How your family operates now and for the years to come is essential in deciding if a location is right for you. Perhaps your family is growing and services and amenities are essential or perhaps relaxation and the quiet life is high on your agenda. Blocks of land for sale at Provence start at 480m2 and are perfect for growing families or couples looking to accommodate big family living in style, without compromise.

If you’re a growing family or one that spends a lot of time in the backyard, it may be worth considering a slightly larger lot close to 600m2. Blocks of this size can offer you more space both in your home and the garden, perfect for hosting and entertaining. Often with an 18m frontage, the larger lots offer spacious living with a front loaded garage, leaving you space at the rear to create a stunning external living space. Larger lots also mean internal space can be designed with family living in mind, adding theatre rooms or games rooms the whole family can enjoy rain, hail or shine!

Larger blocks of land are becoming increasingly popular, especially with first-time buyers. Keystart's recent extension of the increased income limits is now available. For first time buyers, you could be eligible for the $10,000 First Home Owners Grant, so your dream family block is achievable and within reach.

If you’re looking for an even larger lot, Provence also offers 686m2 lots with 22m frontage that can provide your family with a larger living space, perfect for entertaining, after school play dates and weekend hangouts! Choosing a block that gives you ample space to build the home your family needs is a careful balancing act - but one our team can help you to get started with.

Depending on your budget, choosing a smaller lot can sometimes be the best decision with many perks - think low maintenance, less cleaning and more family time! Partnering with a builder that understands your needs now and in the future is the key to building the perfect home for you and your family. By partnering with one of the best builders in WA for the construction of your home you can ensure your floor plan and home size work will for you in reality as well as on paper (and Pinterest!).

Provence estate offers a number of different sized lots suitable for every budget and lifestyle needs. Before you choose your lot, remember to think about everything you need as a family now (and will likely need in the future) so you can take advantage of the various options available. You really want a block that's going to work for you!

Land is for sale now at Provence for you to take advantage of the idyllic location and beautiful parks and open space at the estate. To find out more about how you can make Provence your new place to call home, get in touch below. 

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