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2021-01-25 Community & Lifestyle

Find a place to call home at Botanical

Two families tell us what made them choose where they live and why they’ve come to love their Satterley community.

Having moved into Botanical with her fiancé and their young son at the end of 2020, Whitney considers herself new to Satterley’s Mickleham community but says it already feels like home.

Welcoming neighbours, a sense of safety and beautiful surrounds have made settling in easy, and Whitney says she now can’t imagine living anywhere else.

“Community to me means feeling safe, having really friendly neighbours and just looking out for each other,” Whitney says.

“Our next-door neighbours - they're so friendly. When we first moved in they actually came over and said, ‘Oh, do you need anything? We're happy to help you move.’ We get along really well with the people across the road, as well, and they're very friendly and we've told them to come over for a couple for drinks sometimes if they want.”

This is what makes being a Botanical resident such a pleasure, but before she knew about any of that, it was the estate’s green spaces and location that attracted Whitney and her soon-to-be husband.

“When we were looking at living in Botanical and Mickleham, we wanted to live close to family and nice and close to amenities and parks and somewhere really quiet. It's very close to everything: childcare, schools and parks.

“They really look after all the greenery around here. They do a lot of maintenance work and it's always looking really nice.”

Botanical resident Whitney, with her fiancé and their young son

Satterley, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2020, was established by Nigel Satterley in Western Australia in 1980. After great success in his home state - the company is now the largest privately owned property developer in Australia – he branched out into Victoria.

Over the past decade, around 8,000 families have built in a Satterley community across Melbourne. Ahmad is one of those. He moved into Botanical with his wife and four children in the middle of 2020.

“We were looking for an area that would provide a secure future for our family in a growing community,” Ahmad recalls.

He and his wife looked at communities in Donnybrook and Wollert, but decided on Botanical because the masterplan was compelling and the location was too good to ignore.

They chose a block of land directly opposite what is now the community’s newest park and Ahmad says they count the green spaces and landscaping among Botanical’s best elements. But when asked to describe where he lives to friends, Ahmad says it’s not necessarily the gardens, feeling of safety or even the location that first comes to mind. It’s the people.

“Botanical is a modern estate and a lovely multicultural community where we make new friends every day.”

Botanical resident Ahmad and his four children

Whitney says she and her family have similar sentiments about the place they now call home.

“We feel really happy living here. We've got lots of beautiful neighbours. We're happy with our forever home. It’s a beautiful community.”

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