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2020-12-21 Community & Lifestyle
Author: Satterley

Botanical's Summer 2020 Newsletter

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Welcome to Botanical's Summer 2020 Newsletter

In this edition, we’ll update you on how the project is coming along, provide some news and information about what’s happening in and around the community and you’ll hear from our General Manager on the state of the market.

Evergreen coming soon

Located at the southern end of Botanical, at the corner of Mt Ridley and Mickleham Roads, our new neighbourhood is called Evergreen at Botanical. Incorporating 400 lots, Evergreen will feature decades-old river red gum trees that have been thoughtfully blended into the neighbourhood design.

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Artist impression of Botanical's Evergreen neighbourhood

A market update from our General Manager

This year marked Satterley’s 40th anniversary. For four decades, Satterley has prided itself on building strong and harmonious communities.

While for obvious reasons we couldn’t quite celebrate as we were hoping to in 2020, we still took enormous satisfaction in the community spirit that marked Australia’s response to the pandemic.

COVID-19 has affected communities and businesses, which of course means it has affected economies. Many commentators early in the year predicted that property prices would fall dramatically as the full effects of the health response kicked in, but we are glad to see that simply hasn’t happened.

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First park open for play

Earlier this year, we opened our first park at Botanical. While COVID-19 meant we couldn’t celebrate this community milestone in the way we would have liked, we’ve loved seeing how our residents have taken to the new space as restrictions have eased.

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Botanical's first park is now open

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