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2021-12-22 Community & Lifestyle

Botanical's Summer 2021 Newsletter

In this edition, we’ll update you on how the project is coming along and provide some news and information about what’s happening in and around the community.

As we come to the end of 2021, we'd like to wish all members of our community, an enjoyable and relaxing summer break and a happy new year!


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2020-08-31 Community & Lifestyle

Botanical now a Neighbourhood Watch community

Botanical partners with Neighbourhood Watch, a community based program which aims to improve the quality of life within a neighbourhood by minimising preventable crime and promoting closer community ties.

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2021-07-13 Community & Lifestyle

Botanical's Winter 2021 Newsletter

In this edition, we'll let you know how the community is coming along and our General Manager will be providing an update on the state of the Melbourne property market. There’s also a story about local hospitality business, Piccolezza & Co, and we’ll be chatting to one of the winners of our The Little Veggie Patch Co Facebook competition.

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2021-04-21 Community & Lifestyle

Cousins become even closer at Botanical

Before Simona Homa’s parents were forced out of their home country due to war they lived close to their large extended family in Syria. Simona and her sisters were born in Australia and, when their cousins came to Melbourne some time later, the families reconnected and began a new life together.

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