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2019-08-30 Community & Lifestyle

Botanical's Winter 2019 Newsletter

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Welcome to the mid-year edition of the Botanical newsletter.

In this issue we continue to follow the story of Sarah and Luke (one of the first couples to buy land in Botanical), we have five home design trends to watch for in 2019 and we'll provide an update on our future display village.

Below are a few snapshots of some of our feature stories. To read the full newsletter, download via the form above.

For the last 18 months, we’ve been following the story of Sarah and Luke, one of the first couples to buy land in Botanical. We caught up with them again recently and asked about an often-overlooked period in the land-buying process: the one between purchasing land and building a house.

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Home design trends to watch for in 2019

Earlier this year we asked Senior Interior Designer at Boutique Homes, Mitra Whittle, to give her expert opinion on home design in 2019. 

In case you missed it (or need a refresher) we've included a list of her top five style tips.

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Botanical update from our State Development Manager

With our first stages titling earlier this year, we are very pleased to have opened up access into Botanical for you to see! We hope you like the gently meandering landscaped entry road which culminates in a panoramic view of Botanical down Poppy Street.

There are a number of stages that have recently titled, with many more under construction.

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